Gu Ailing, Bing Dun dun……Meng “tiger” school, met the Winter Olympics

Professional snow sports coaches joined the school to lead teachers and students to experience snow equipment story sharing session to feel the charm of science and technology Winter Olympics “Explore the Winter Olympics” to tell “love of ice and snow”…Recently, all schools in Chongqing have ushered in the opening day each school carefully arranged to launch a field of unique and quite “winter Olympics elements” opening activities in Yuzhong District Zhonghua Road primary school “Winter Olympics” and “women’s football” into the opening keywords golden ox words old, Ruihu welcome the new.In the morning of February 15th, teachers and students of Heping Road campus and Zhuyuan Campus of Zhonghua Road Primary School in Yuzhong District went back to school to register and start the campus life of the new semester.”This semester, our new teaching building was officially put into use, and there were many winter Olympics elements in the opening ceremony.”He Xiaoxia, the office director of Zhonghualu Primary school, introduced that the opening ceremony of the school with the theme of “seeking roots, pursuing dreams, towards the future”, combined with the beautiful and romantic 24 solar terms in the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, for children to show the traditional Chinese culture.”The school also set up a lecture for children to tell the story of recent athletes.”He Xiaoxia introduced, including Gu Ailing’s high self-discipline, Wu Dajing’s courage, the women’s football team won the Asian Cup and other stories against the trend, in order to encourage students to work hard in the new semester, and strive to pursue their dreams.Chongqing Xiejiawan school “black technology” impressed the children the new semester, a new atmosphere.On the morning of February 15, chongqing Xiejiawan School welcomed students back to school for the new semester.The theme of the opening ceremony of chongqing Xiejiawan School this semester is “Grow together with ‘double reduction’ and move towards the future together”.In addition to the class self-compiled exercise display activities, also set up a special winter vacation story sharing link, students will tell their own winter vacation story in this link.”In the Winter Olympics, the Olympic athletes spilled their blood and won glory for the country.I am particularly concerned about the various types of hacking technology in the Olympic Village.”Chen Jingyuan, a student, said of the technology for the Winter Olympics, “I remember automatic food delivery system, robot bartenders, automatic sensor beds.These winter Olympics technology show, fully display our advanced science and technology, I am so proud of such a strong motherland.”In the opening activities of Nankai Jingyang Primary School in science City, ice and snow sports were especially introduced into the campus to help students grow up.Wang Qin, moral education director of Nankai Jingyang Primary School, introduced that professional snow sports coaches will be invited to the school during the opening ceremony of this semester, so that children can experience a unique opening ceremony.At the event, children can learn a lot about the Winter Olympics, including the design story of ice blocks and snow rong rong, as well as the related knowledge of many winter Olympics events.”Students will also be guided to experience ice and snow sports equipment and develop their interest in ice and snow sports.”According to Wang qin, the school will also carry out selection activities, establish ice and snow clubs, and carry out ice and snow sports courses under the guidance of professional coaches to enrich students’ after-school life.No. 2 Primary School attached to Zhongshi Normal School “Exploring the Secrets of the Winter Olympics”FuEr small weight division in the 2022 Beijing Olympics “into the future together” the theme of the background, in order to implement the policy of ShuangJian, high-tech zone FuEr small weight division also to leave the students had a special winter vacation homework, in the process of “road games”, get through the barriers of various disciplines, the formation of a multidisciplinary integration, the unique hierarchical practice independently.What is your favorite winter Olympics project, who won the gold medal?With the mascot of the Winter Olympics as the protagonist, design and painting…Colorful practice activities, students and the Winter Olympic Games “frozen”, surprise and harvest, jump out of the paper.Source: Chongqing released text: Yao Yu Zhou Xiaoping

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