Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council: Taiwan Compatriots have fully recognized and responded positively to the new policies for self-employed businesses

Beijing, March 30 (Liu Jieyan, Wang Yuheng) — Spokesperson Zhu Fenglian presided over a regular press conference held by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council on March 30 and answered questions.China News Service: We have noticed that Taiwan residents across the country responded positively to the new policy on March 16. On March 18, the Taiwan Affairs Office of Jiangsu Province issued the first business license for Taiwan residents in newly opened industries.Please brief us on the reaction of Taiwan compatriots on the mainland to the implementation of the new policy.Zhu Fenglian: On March 16, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration for Market Regulation jointly issued and implemented the Notice on Taiwan Residents’ Application for Establishment of Self-employed Businesses in Pilot Areas for innovative Development of Service trade.The full text of the Notice and related reports were forwarded on websites, wechat groups and moments by the National Federation of Taiwan Enterprises, Taiwan associations and Taiwan businessmen.A number of Taiwan businessmen interviewed said that the opening up policy fully demonstrates the concept of “one family on both sides of the Taiwan Straits”. It is suitable for Taiwan residents, mainly the Youth of Taiwan, to start small businesses in the mainland. It meets the needs of young Taiwan people and grassroots Taiwan businessmen, and helps lower the threshold for Taiwan residents to start businesses on the mainland.Compared with setting up a company, only one person is required to apply for an individual business. There is no requirement for registered capital and the tax is also small. This “light cavalry” and “gradual” business model is very suitable for Taiwan youth to start their own business, gradually adapt to the market and environment, and grow from small to big.The opening up will cover cultural and creative industries, rural revitalization and service industries, many of which are competitive industries in Taiwan. It will provide new options for young People in Taiwan to find jobs, start businesses and fulfill their dreams if they want to start businesses on a small scale on the mainland.As a major beneficiary group, Taiqing fully recognizes and responds positively to this policy.Jiangsu, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Hubei, Liaoning and other provinces and cities of Taiqing, have consulted the local authorities to apply for the establishment of individual industrial and commercial businesses.On March 18, two days after the notice was issued, Taiqing in Kunshan, Jiangsu province applied for the first business license for Taiwan residents in newly opened industries.Yesterday, in Wuhan, Hubei province, young People from Taiwan also obtained business licenses for self-employed businesses in newly opened industries.I believe that more and more Taiwan Youth will benefit from this, take new steps to start their own businesses and find jobs, and achieve better development.

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