Without fear of soaring oil prices, Beijing modern CVVD technology makes cars more affordable

At present, with the rising price of international crude oil, global oil prices are pushing high, our 92 gasoline has been “broken 8”, 95 is also about to open the era of 9 yuan, the cost of car will increase significantly, which also makes many friends who pay attention to fuel cars a little daunting.However, as we all know, fuel car can bring endless driving fun, so a car with excellent fuel economy and strong power, will have a strong market competitiveness.Since the birth of the automobile, fuel consumption and power are two contradictory topics, just like “fish and bear’s paw” it is difficult to have both, the major automobile manufacturers have also invested a lot of money and energy to carry out technological breakthroughs, and strive to find the balance between the two.Through years of technology research and development and experiments, Beijing’s modern landmark CVVD technology has achieved a perfect balance of high power and low fuel consumption, especially in today’s environment of high oil prices, CVVD technology supported products, can indeed save real money for consumers, then CVVD how to do it?When talking about engine technology, the most frequent words that may come to our mind are Honda VTEC and Toyota CVVT, perhaps because of the advertising effect, these two words are printed in the minds of consumers.It is true that these two technologies is indeed a valve technology, but the two main direction of the technology are biased towards the engine power of ascension, and want to reduce fuel consumption is only in a thinner body covering parts to achieve the low quality of car body, therefore, “double” B fuel economy of the above models with the same than the advantage is not obvious,The A-class car using VTEC and CVVT technology is not only unstable at high speed, but also the “thinness” of the overall structure in case of accidents.In fact, it is not hard to see that no matter Honda VTEC, Toyota CVVT or other car companies’ engine technology, everyone has always been around the time and scope of valve opening, in order to achieve the balance of low fuel consumption and high power by coordinating the working rhythm of the two.However, due to technical limitations, it is difficult to achieve a perfect balance between fuel consumption and kinetic energy.Therefore, can we study valve technology from another Angle?At the moment, the CVVD continuous variable valve duration technology, which is the first of its kind in the world, stands out. CVVD technology improves engine performance and reduces fuel consumption by changing the timing and duration of valve opening triggered by the CAM, while also reducing emissions pollution.In layman’s terms, an engine is the equivalent of a human lung, which requires less oxygen to breathe smoothly in a calm state, just like an engine in a daily commute, which requires less air because the vehicle needs less power.During strenuous exercise, however, the breathing rate increases significantly, and the efficiency of ventilation in the lungs also increases greatly, just as the amount of air required by the engine increases during strenuous driving or when the accelerator is pressed deeply to overtake.The technical advantage of CVVD is that it can reasonably control the duration of valve opening according to the actual driving conditions such as smooth driving and rapid acceleration, which can achieve outstanding advantages of 4% performance improvement, 5% energy consumption reduction and 12% emission reduction, so as to achieve the balance between performance and fuel consumption.In addition to valve opening time and amplitude, the cylinder compression ratio is also a key factor in determining performance and fuel consumption.At present, most models on the market because the combustion chamber volume and cylinder working volume are fixed, so the cylinder compression ratio is also a fixed parameter.In order to improve the performance of the vehicle and reduce fuel consumption, it can only be achieved by adjusting the ignition time and intake time.However, CVVD technology is different. The engine equipped with CVVD can achieve a 4:1 to 10.5:1 in-cylinder compression ratio switch. In daily driving, the engine can improve the compression ratio to ensure stable power output and maintain good fuel economy.Under intense driving and rapid acceleration, the engine lowers the compression ratio and increases the concentration of the oil-gas mixture in the cylinder, resulting in more powerful power.Advanced technology is often associated with low availability and low reliability, but CVVD is a different story.The reliability of CVVD technology has been fully verified through the tests in various extreme environments and the limit operation in full speed domain, full temperature domain and full time domain.In addition, CVVD technology is also very outstanding for the adaptability of various models. At present, all the models sold by Beijing Hyundai, including the 10th generation Sonata, the fifth generation Tucson L, Coustu and other models, adopt CVVD technology, which shows that the strength of CVVD technology cannot be underestimated.Take the tenth generation Sonata and the fifth generation Tucson L as an example. The tenth generation sonata with the CVVD technology has the maximum output power of 125kW and the peak torque of 253N·m, and its performance is far better than most B-class cars with 1.5T, and its fuel consumption per 100km is only 5.6L, compared with 7-9L of other models at the same level.It has very obvious fuel economy advantage.The fifth-generation Tucson L, also equipped with CVVD technology, uses a 1.5T GDi high-power engine, with a maximum output power of 147kW and a peak torque of 253N·m. The fuel consumption per 100km is only 6L, which is really shocking for an SUV with a weight of 1.5 tons.In today’s policy and market environment, small displacement engine is undoubtedly the focus of the market, and Under the support of CVVD technology, Beijing Hyundai not only ensures the abundant power of the vehicle, but also has a unique advantage in fuel economy.For consumers, CVVD technology can guarantee the power demand of daily driving, but also greatly reduce the cost of car.Benefited from this, Beijing modern in a very long period of time, will maintain a great technological advantage.

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