Anhui University of Science and Technology (ANHUI university of Science and Technology) announced the recruitment of some college deans and vice deans

Anhui University of Science and Technology (ANHUI University of Science and Technology) is one of the characteristic high-level universities in Anhui Province and co-built by Anhui Province and the Ministry of Emergency Management, PRC.Founded in 1945, the university has a profound academic accumulation, covering engineering, science, medicine, economics, management, law, literature, art and interdisciplinary disciplines, with a graduate school and 19 schools (departments).6 post-doctoral research stations, 6 doctoral programs in first-level disciplines, 33 doctoral programs in second-level disciplines;There are 22 master’s programs in first-level disciplines, 11 professional master’s programs, and 87 undergraduate programs.School has deep coal mining in response and disaster prevention and control of state key laboratory, safe accurate coal mining countries where joint engineering research center, national demonstration base of cultivating creative personnel, mine intelligent technologies and equipment provincial department to build collaborative innovation center, key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, anhui province key laboratory of talent training, scientific research innovation platform more than 40.The university has established strategic cooperative relations with more than 10 local governments, more than 100 enterprises and nearly 20 colleges and universities. The university has established environmental Friendly Materials and Occupational Health Research Institute (Wuhu), Energy Revolution Engineering Technology Research Institute (Jincheng), Zhongzhe Shanghai Health Research Institute and Advanced Research Institute (Hefei).Based on the new development stage, implementing the new development concept and constructing the new development pattern, the university has actively integrated into the integrated development of Yangtze River Delta and the construction of hefei Comprehensive National Science Center. The high quality development of the university is steady and the situation is gratifying.We sincerely invite high-level talents from home and abroad to join us and make contributions to the establishment of “world-class discipline and first-class characteristic high-level university in China”.According to the needs of the university’s career development and discipline construction, we are now open to the recruitment of some school deans and vice deans at home and abroad, and hereby announce the relevant matters as follows: 1.(2) One dean and one vice Dean of school of Public Safety and Emergency Management (working place: Hefei).(3) One dean and one vice Dean of the School of Carbon Neutral Science and Engineering (working place: Hefei).(4) The School of Public Health shall have one dean and one vice Dean respectively.(1) Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, love the cause of education, have a firm political stance, high ideological and political quality and policy and theoretical level, can fully implement the Party’s education policy, adhere to the socialist direction of running schools, implement the fundamental task of moral education.(2) Strong leadership skills, communication skills and external communication skills;Familiar with the law of higher education, generally should have work experience in institutions of higher learning or research institutes, with senior professional and technical titles;Law-abiding, decent style, rigorous scholarship, with noble professional ethics and dedication, to the “four good teachers” standard norms words and deeds.(3) making outstanding achievements in the reform of education and teaching;In terms of scientific research, he has presided over national key scientific research projects (or major R&D projects of enterprises and institutions), or been selected into national talent plan (projects), etc.(4) having the physical and psychological conditions to perform their duties normally.(5) Applicants for the post of president and vice president should also meet the following academic requirements on the basis of meeting the requirements set forth in Paragraphs 1 to 4:Having the ability to lead the discipline to catch up with the domestic advanced level;Have strong team leadership and organization and coordination ability, can lead the academic team to solve problems.Associate dean position: Outstanding academic achievements in scientific research;Strong team leadership and organization and coordination ability;With the ability to help the discipline catch up with the domestic advanced level.(I) The first employment period is five years, and the probation period is two years. If the employee has good probation, the employee will be renewed.(ii) Implement the annual salary system. During the employment period, the annual salary of the president is RMB 1-2 million yuan (before tax), and the annual salary of the Vice president is RMB 500-1 million yuan (before tax).(3) Settling allowance and house purchase subsidy of RMB 2 million yuan;Sufficient office and laboratory space will be provided to support the establishment of research teams, and policy preference will be given to doctoral and master enrollment targets.(4) Those who meet the requirements for entering the institution establishment can be included in the institution establishment management of the university and enjoy social security treatment according to the relevant policies of the state, province and city.(v) Provide transitional talent apartment, arrange corresponding work according to spouse’s educational background and other conditions, and coordinate the enrollment of children.Above concerned pay can be discussed according to different high-level talent specific circumstance.Application procedures (I) Individual registration via email.Applicants should provide the following materials.1. “Application Form for Dean (Vice Dean) of School of Open Recruitment of Anhui University of Science and Technology” (see attachment).2. Scanned copies of id card (or passport), bachelor’s degree certificate, professional and technical job certificate, talent plan and other relevant documents (PDF format, the original will be provided during the interview).3. List of representative academic achievements (papers, monographs, projects, awards, patents, etc.) in recent five years and scanned copies of supporting materials (PDF format).4. Working ideas and expected goals after being hired.5. Working and living conditions and other information required to be explained.(II) The school shall review and determine the candidates for the interview.(3) Organize interviews and learn about the potential employees.(4) The university shall sign the employment contract after confirming the candidates through research and publicity.Vi. Contact Address: Organization Department of Party Committee, Anhui University of Science and Technology, 168 Taifeng Street, Huainan city, Anhui Province (Zip Code: 232001)0554-6633282, 0554-6668045 Fax: 0554-6668900 Email:, School website: Attachment:Application form for Dean and Deputy Dean of School of Anhui University of Science and Technology open Recruitment anhui University of Science and Technology January 21, 2022

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