“Mirror, Twin Cities,” the beginning of the failure to move the ancient puppet?

The “rearrangement of the moon” is not good either.Article | Long Chengfei edit | Zhang Youfa “mirror” the first volume of the film and television series adapted, failed to fired the first shot.Starring Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi, “Mirror · Twin Cities” has already aired half of its story. According to the data of Beacon Professional edition, in addition to the first day of the broadcast of the feature film in the second place in the market share of network drama, after the ranking is stable in the fourth or fifth place.Douban is still closed, but netizens seem unsatisfied with the quality of the adaptation, with comments such as: “It’s 2022, how can the level of Xianxia drama still be backward?I really doubt it was taken ten years ago.”It is worth mentioning that there are quite a few netizens who come in with memories of the novel and go away disappointed.In that era when net articles rose to fame, the “cloud shortage” behind the “Mirror” series was almost the same as the “jiuzhou” under the pen of jiangnan, Jinhe and other “seven gods”, and was called the largest Chinese fantasy world view at that time.The cangyue, one of the founders of “Cloud Shortage”, has also become the memory of a generation in their student days.It was reported in 2015 that the mirror series had sold more than 7 million copies at the time.But perhaps because the world view is too complex and magnificent, the film and television action after the “Cloud Shortage” series has been slow to start.Netizens use adaptation to ridicule famous authors’ path of IP film adaptation. Zijin Chen, who rose to fame through the Hidden Corner, is the “Emperor of Europe” adapted from novels, while the broadcast of “Snow Tower” and “Mirror · Twin Cities”, seems to have a little bad luck in film adaptation.Now, Cangyue’s micro blog has been stopped for a long time, no matter “Listen to snow Lou” or “Mirror · Twin Cities” is released, almost did not participate in the drama’s promotion.The story of “cloud shortage” seems to have gone too far with that era of net writing.The Internet forums of the early 21st century are utopias where creators weave their dreams.Latecomers had been put down “kyushu” the birth of the mainland fantasy: in the years of entering the new century, the Lord of the rings first movie made, known as the western fantasy epic “song of ice and fire” has just published soon, flow the blood of young people, want to like tolkien idea out of mainland China, build a belongs to the fantasy world of the east.The writers who responded to the call named the land “Jiuzhou”, home to farming people, feather people who could fly with their wings, Kuafu scattered in the snowy plains, and qiaowei sharks living in the depths of the vast sea.The core of the seven authors are known as the jiuzhou seven gods, among which there is Cangyue’s righteous brother Jiangnan.When Kyushu came out in 2003, Cangwol also used the setting of Gangnam’s “The Last Ji Valkyat” to write “Star Fall,” which was published together with the short stories of key authors such as Gangnam and Daekaku in “Fantasy World” to promote kyushu series.Before writing this short story, Cangyue was already a minor celebrity in the new land of web writing.The rich collection of books at home brings literary enlightenment, and because the study life in middle school is very strict with her parents, Cangyue can only relieve the pressure by writing stories.In 1994, after entering Taizhou Middle School, she began to write the series “Listening to the Snow Building”.Later, Cangyue was admitted to the Architecture Department of Zhejiang University. He took part in the school’s swordsmen essay contest with his old swordsmen manuscript from high school and won the second prize.Her passion for the creation of wuxia novels lasted for a long time. In 2003, she began to write for “Legend of Today and Ancient · Wuxia Edition”, and wrote the future series of “Ding Jian Ge” in the magazine.Cangyue rose to fame in 2004 when her novel “Blood Wei” won the national wuxia novel competition for college students held by Legend of Today and Ancient Times.Later, Cangyue, who published several wuxia novels, became the representative author of the new wuxia along with writers such as Feng Ge and Bu Feiyan.However, cangyue, who started to create wuxia, seems to have had the idea of creating a larger world view even earlier.Soon after entering the university, Cangyue comes into contact with The Legend of Galactic Heroes by Tanaka Yoshiki (hereinafter referred to as “Yinying”).This science fiction novel, which has won the Award of Nebula in Japan, has influenced a generation of creators. Ma Boyong wrote a fan of Yinying in his early days. One of the heroes, Reinhart’s ideal “My journey is the sea of stars”, was directly used as the title of the novel.Cangyue is no exception. She recalled in her blog that Yinying had the most profound influence on her when she was an avid comic reader: “So much so that when I started to write and create my own world, I inevitably took the first step from copying and learning Yinying.”Before officially writing under the pseudonym cangyue, she wrote an unfinished long starry Night on the “Golden Lion Flag of Buluo”, a website of “Inyoung” in China.In 2003, Cangyue and Shen Maya put forward the idea of building a fantasy new world. After a month of discussion on QQ, they completed the earliest idea of The Three Kingdoms of Kongsang, Haiguo and Cangliu Empire.In the summer vacation of the same year, Cangyue wrote the first “Mirror · Twin Cities” of the “Cloud Waste” series without a break.In 2005, at a writer’s gathering in Beijing, Li Duan was drawn into this “creation” group, which was called the “three goddesses of cloud Famine”.They imitative the original text of the Book of Mountains and Seas volume 6: Overseas Southern Classic, describing this magical continent: “Between the six harmonies of the land, within the four seas, there are celestial continents with vast clouds.According to the sun and moon, through the stars, ji to four hours, to the ether age, the gods were born, its alien.Heaven or life, only a saint can understand it.”The Three Goddesses wrote more than 30 novels and completed many sets for the series, which spans 12 epochs.In 2006, Cangyue also synthesized the opinions of the other two founders and drew the complete map of cloud Shortage and seven seas.However, unlike gangnam and others who turned full-time writers at that time, Chang-wol was not able to devote all her energy to writing.Zhu Yan, written by Cangyue, was published in 2016, and no new work has been published since then.Shen’s latest book, “The River is not At night,” has only been published in volume one, and there is still no follow-up to volume two after eight years.Li Duan’s Biography of Pan An won the Hundred Flowers Prize for Film and TELEVISION Adaptation value last year, but judging from the book’s introduction, it is far from yunhuang’s story.”Cangyue” Difficult to adapt In cangyue’s writing career, the most prominent label is “new Wuxia” and Chinese fantasy.They are exactly the two types of her novels adapted for film and television, and almost explain the difficulties in adapting her novels for film and television.The 2019 online drama “Listening to the Snow Tower,” produced by Huanrui Century and starring Qin Junjie and Yuan Bingyan, received only 4.6 points out of 10 on Douban.The label of “Listen to snow Building” is “wuxia”, but its adaptation was born in an era that has been criticized for several times that “Wuxia is dead”.Poison mou ever mentioned in the past article, since 2005 “Fairy sword legend” popular, “fairy” gradually replaced “wuxia” in the popular position of the net article market.The creation of swordsman basically relies on the ancient historical background, many swordsman creators need to dabbles in the knowledge of yin-yang and five elements, medical pharmacology and other miscellaneous knowledge, while the creation of xianxia is more free.Although netizens are often tired of the love stories of “three lives three times” and “more than a thousand years” in xianxia dramas, this also shows that it is easier to construct the world in Xianxia dramas, and the long time span makes it easier to create emotional stories that look like moving.Under the circumstances of the decline of swordsman in upstream literature, the adaptation of swordsman plays is rarely praised, and only the remake of Jingu Swordsman plays will cause a burst of ridicule heat.Legend of the Condor Heroes (2017) was the most praised remake in recent years (8.0 points on Douban), while Detective Jane Unknown (2020) received good reviews but only modest reviews, with less than 40,000 ratings on Douban.And the recent broadcast of “Mirror · Twin Cities”, before the cast official announcement, walked countless popular traffic, so that the fan circle is considered as “poison cake”, that is, not optimistic resources.The reason why “The Mirror and The Twin Cities” is not well received has to do with the novel’s excessively large structure.In the era when Kyushu was in chaos, ambitious writers wanted to create a fantasy system of the East, and the readers who came after them were addicted to the dreams of the writers, and naturally had high expectations for the adaptation of the drama.However, the reader’s ideal of that world requires large scenes and special effects that are exquisite enough to accomplish, which in itself means high investment.Drama industry in kyushu series tried twice, respectively is where the “Kyushu · Sea mu Cloud” and jiangnan “Jiuzhou Dimu mu record”, investment of hundreds of millions, in the picture as beautiful as possible, actors also have a big plus, but the final results are not satisfactory, the former 6.8 points douban, the latter is less than 6 points of the pass line.Such a huge gap makes it difficult for the production team and investors to retain enough confidence to invest in big productions.Moreover, the vastness of the world outlook is reflected in the specific race, geography and system design, and the story capacity of the novel can hardly support the vastness of the world outlook.”Listening to snow House” has the same problem: it only has a short story “Blood Wei” at the beginning, and the whole series is also composed of several short stories, and the story contains a lot of blanks, which need to be completed by the scriptwriter of the drama version.At the same time, net novels with distinctive characteristics of The Times, but after the change of time, the audience’s aesthetic direction has changed.Take Mirror twin Cities, for example. The TV series’ filming schedule was announced in 2016, but it took four years to start filming.Whether the plot and world view structure that early readers were interested in can be accepted by existing audiences also needs to test the drama side’s ability — The East Palace, which was published in 2010, was filmed into an online drama nine years later. Nowadays, “sweet pet” is dominant, and the love affair between dogs and blood does not seem to meet the public’s taste.However, “East Palace” with the praise of many actors and aesthetic director praised the game, female lead Xiao Feng has become a station B film and television works in the second creation of the common female image.Unfortunately, none of this has anything to do with Cangyue’s two adaptations.”Listen to the snow house” in the original strength of the men and women are equal, ultimately ended in tragedy, the drama version of the appearance of cold, ruthless shot shu Jingrong was accused by netizens changed to “silly white sweet”.”Mirror · Twin Cities” in the evil paranoid, bear a blood feud of the male protagonist Su Mo, in the drama version becomes a naive and playful teenager.In addition, the image of men and women the main acting also failed to satisfy users, the original of the novel as a shark of the men have the “bian,” male and female beauty, the animation edition of the mirror, the twins when fans also condemn men modeling “strong”, and the role is famous ancient occasionally li yi feng is hardly “costume” ugly men, but from the novel of slender, obviously has the near distance.Mirror: Two Cities is only the first adaptation of the mirror series, a period drama jade Bone Yao, which has already been filmed and is scheduled to air this year. The novel is based on the prequel Zhu Yan.In this way, the film and television adaptation of yunhuang mainland has not come to an end.However, it is a difficult problem for the creative team to think about how to make the cloud wasteland in the dream of youth appear on the screen.

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