Shandong announced the second batch of 113 social evaluation institutions for skilled personnel

To meet the need of professional skills training and talent team construction, building perfect market-oriented diversified skills talents evaluation system, promote skill talent evaluation quality, and the expansion of surface, recently, the human resources and social security department of shandong province issued notice, announced the second batch of social training evaluation organizations in our province, 113 institutions.The relevant evaluation organization may, within the scope of the occupation (type of work) for the record, carry out the identification of vocational skill levels for the society, provide the evaluation service of skill levels, and bear the main responsibility in accordance with the principle of “who evaluates, who certifies and who is responsible”.Through the training evaluation organization standard identification, the personnel who have obtained the corresponding vocational skill grade certificate can be included in the provincial skill talent pool and enjoy the relevant policies.It is an important direction of the reform of national vocational qualification system and an important part of the innovation of the evaluation system of skilled talents to cultivate the social evaluation institutions of skilled talents and make them gradually and orderly undertake the evaluation function of skilled talents.At present, our province has recorded 212 social training evaluation organizations, covering enterprises, industry associations, colleges and universities, private vocational training organizations, etc., can provide a full range of skills evaluation services in all fields.The continuous expansion of social evaluation institutions will further improve the evaluation system for skilled personnel, smooth the evaluation channels for skilled personnel, promote more excellent skilled personnel to come to the fore, and provide strong support for accelerating the training of high-quality workers and skilled personnel.Has the need to participate in professional skills level that candidates can login province talent evaluation net ( and the social training evaluation organization website, queries can be concluded that professional range list and contact information, etc.(Report by Dazhong Daily client reporter Zhang Chunxiao)

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