According to funeral customs, New Year’s Eve is liu Xuezhou’s first seven, which education is no problem?

Family affection is the basis of maintaining the existence of reality.In 2021, sun Haiyang inspired us and brought tears to our eyes, but Liu Xuezhou made us immersed in infinite sadness.Because of the search for relatives, life ended.Liu Xuezhou, finally embarked on the road of no return this matter, there are two problems need legal intervention, the third problem I am afraid will never be solved.It’s hard to say whether it’s right or wrong. It’s not just about cyber violence, because the mob will always be there.This is an objective phenomenon that will never go away!I’ve always regarded Li Huimin’s 1992 New Dragon Gate Inn as a martial arts classic with few equals.At the end of the film, When Tony Leung ka-fai’s Zhou Huai ‘an is riding away, he says to Jin Xiangyu: ‘When the next group of guests come, you may have forgotten me as a traveler. I don’t have the courage to face the desert like you, so I’m out.'”Liu Xuezhou family search” in today no matter how lively, can not escape the fate of being forgotten.By the time the next hot search takes hold, this teen will be a dust-up.I thought that within six months the bluster about the matter would die a natural death.Don’t think this is my pessimistic view; instead, it’s the iron law laid out by psychologist Gustave Le Pen in the Mob.In a book admired by Churchill, De Gaulle and Roosevelt, Le Pen has taught many harsh truths: a group of disparate people, even if they are extremely discrete, can easily become a destructive mass in the presence of an external stimulus.It’s like a swarm of locusts that quickly shed their lovely green coats to become poisonous, aggressive and terrifying insects.It’s a natural phenomenon, no matter how hard you try, you can’t change it.This unconscious group is neither good nor bad, and is often characterized by “savage, impulsive, changeable, edgy, and extreme” characteristics, which are inherent in their identity.Sometimes these traits push things in the right direction, and sometimes they push things in the wrong direction.There will be heroes in this group, and there will be demons like Hitler.In short, this is the characteristic of the group, and it is impossible to change at any time unless the world stops developing.Of course, if Gustave Le Pen had foreseen the Internet age, he would have added two words to the group’s identity: “anonymity”.No matter Sun Haiyang’s search for relatives, or Liu Xuezhou’s search for relatives, I never express my opinion.But many people keep making constructive or destructive comments, as if they’re in a meta-universe, hoping their lives will follow their own path.Strictly speaking, if you read Liu Xuezhou’s “Book of Ten thousand Words” carefully, all the encounters he describes are not satisfactory.His classmates, his teacher, including his relatives encountered PC “Shu shu”, or light or heavy problems.Due to sensitivity issues, you can find the specific details of the material to read, here is not repeated.Indeed, they may have problems, may also have difficulties, may not be liu Xuezhou description of the appearance?I don’t take a position.Not that I am cold-blooded, but I object to all forms of madness — to angels and devils alike.According to Baike, liu’s search began on December 16, 2021, and DNA results confirmed the relationship between the two sides on January 15, 2022, lasting one month.On January 16, 2022, the conflict between the two sides became public.On January 18, liu’s biological father said he could not afford to buy a house.Liu’s mother also said she could not afford to buy a house and blocked him from wechat.Please note: people’s eyes stayed on the fact that Liu Xuezhou’s mother shielded him, which became an outlet for everyone to vent their emotions.So many points need to pay attention to we do not pay attention to, just focus on this problem, we are not Le Pen said the “mob”?Isn’t this a new form of cyberbullying?Like it wouldn’t have happened if his mother hadn’t shielded him?A thread runs through Le Pen’s book: groups are never rational.In the presence of a group, reason can never do better than sensibility.Liu Xuezhou’s end was extreme, and in the spirit of “greater is the dead”, we urgently need to find a scapegoat.Liu xuezhou claimed that he had been “betrayed” by his parents and sexually assaulted by his teacher at school. These two points must fall under the jurisdiction of the law and need to be clarified quickly to give an explanation to the public.But After Liu Xuezhou encounters net violent commit suicide this matter, be afraid operate difficulty of legal level very big.Just as Gustave Le Pen said: groups can never disappear, groups are always irrational.To use lu Xun’s words is: the real warrior, to have the courage to face dripping blood and bleak reality, we can only enhance their own immunity, the world of human suffering, natural and unrestrained life.Change direction: I just want to talk about the education problem, Liu Xuezhou’s life, encountered “life”, “education”, “help” so few obstacles.Some aspect of his family life that should have been helped seems to be missing;In his account, he also has some complaints about his encounter with help.These aspects are difficult to make clear in the short term, just as his date of birth is not clear according to the encyclopedia. Let’s leave it aside, I just want to talk about his school from the position of the teacher.Liu Xuezhou said: when he was in primary school, he had been living in the shadow of being bullied. There was a lack of solidarity and equality among students, and the school teachers treated him with special respect and created difficulties for him.His article gives an example: The operator of the school canteen, who is close to the biggest boss of the school, deliberately bypasses him when handing out eggs to improve life.There are arguments, there are examples, which let the image of teachers further fall to the bottom.Who can say whether his account is true or false?No one can answer this question.What I just want to say is: from the realistic scene, the image of teachers is not shining with the improvement of the professional title system, but extremely dim, even to the verge of collapse.I just want to ask a sentence: according to liu Xuezhou’s birth date calculation – from 2004 to 2006, China’s education began to change the model before the century, “quality education”, “double reduction”, “birth as the foundation” and so on education concept is full of vigor, how in reality is a bit full of holes meaning?What I would like to ask more is that the professional title system of teachers in China started in 1986. Around 2009, “merit pay” was gradually introduced into the teacher salary system, and the hierarchical salary structure of teachers became increasingly obvious and solidified.Teachers’ positions, levels and responsibilities began to differ, and the actual amount of wages began to open a gap.According to Liu Xuezhou’s age, when he entered primary school and middle school, he should have grown up around a large number of expert teachers with senior professional titles. Why let such campus bullying phenomenon exist instead?Even if it is not their connivance, never found, is not also a dereliction of duty?More importantly, have you noticed that in liu Xuezhou’s book of Ten thousand Words, the canteen operator he listed is the principal’s wife!Doesn’t she stand for something?There is reason to believe that liu Xuezhou’s primary school, the principal and the principal’s wife and many other teachers, professional titles must have reached the highest level — primary and secondary school senior, that is, “professor” level, but their educational level in this matter is a bit like “the emperor’s new clothes”, isn’t it?(For sensitive reasons, it will not be expanded here.)Shouldn’t Liu xuezhou’s extreme departure make educators reflect?This time, please do not pull me, because 24 years, I have been a primary teacher title!Isn’t it said in “Spider-Man” : “As much as your ability, so much is your responsibility”? At this time, the vested interests of education, those teachers with the title of “professor”, won’t your conscience hurt?Of course, in Liu Xuezhou’s book of Ten thousand Words, I think there are some contradictions.He said his junior high school years helped him get rid of his inferiority complex and rebuild his character.It can be seen from the responses of the public that he was indeed the head of the student union when he was in middle school.But let’s not forget that it was also in high school that he met the teacher I despised.I always thought that was kind of magical. I didn’t know where the solution was.I also imitated “Liu Xuezhou according to the epidemic prevention on the father’s name query method” to check his junior high school, that Xingtai Nangong bilingual school, the wind rating seems not good (if you are interested, you can search this school.For years, sporadic reviews of the school have been posted online.)I can only wonder: Rashomon is everywhere, isn’t it?Summary network news, according to liu Xuezhou left the text, he once studied in the middle school has begun to investigate processing;Only, there was no action at the primary school he had attended, and there could not have been.Si ren is dead, Liu Xuezhou let us see a lot of life, but I have seen the education side.What do you see?I can always think of wang Zuxian, Zheng Shaoqiu, Wu Ma, Sammo Hung and other stars of the film “Painted skin of Yin and Yang Law King”.At the end of the film, Wang Zu-xian as Xiaoqian to go through a peach forest to live, kneeling down to the master said a word: wish dead people, no longer paint skin!I think: living people should not paint skin, isn’t it?

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