Boxing County Dianzi Town second primary school bus safety emergency drill activities

Public network · poster news reporter Yu Linfan Zhang Qian Correspondent Dai Zhinong Liu Renjie Binzhou reported to further strengthen the school bus safety management, as well as the safety knowledge education of students, improve students’ safety awareness and prevention ability, improve teachers and students to deal with vehicle emergencies, emergency escape and self-protection ability.Recently, Boxing County Dianzi town second primary school bus safety emergency drill activities.Dianzi town second primary school school safety leadership to the students explained the “pupils take school bus safety must know”, escape hammer, escape door, vehicle fire extinguisher operation and use methods and various emergency situations how to evacuate escape and other aspects of knowledge, and carried out a practical exercise.The school bus safety emergency disposal exercise, effectively improve the teachers and students in the face of the school bus emergency response ability, enhance the ability of teachers and students to save themselves, improve the ability to obey the command and emergency escape in the school bus emergency.

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