Congratulations trey Young!His no. 11 jersey was retired at his high school Alma mater

The 2022 NBA All-star Weekend kicked off in Cleveland on Feb 19, Beijing time, giving players a rare chance to relax.However, all-star starting guard Trey Young didn’t make the first appearance in Cleveland to join up with his teammates.Because he was somewhere else, with more important things waiting for him.Trey Young went to high school in Benoman, Oklahoma, where he first made his name.Although this is a little-known college, but Trey – Young averaged 42.6 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4.1 assists in the college’s horrific statistics, at one fell fell to establish his first place in college history.Therefore, his Alma mater decided to retire his personal no. 11 jersey, in today’s official retirement ceremony.Trey Young, for his part, wouldn’t miss the chance to be there and accept the honor in person.Young’s arrival was met with thunderous cheers and applause, a sign of his popularity at his Alma mater.Then the lights turned off and spotlights shone on his moves, as well as the wall at the back of the court, where a cloth was slowly removed to reveal Young’s high school jersey and a portrait of him at all three levels (high school, college and NBA).Trey Young is officially a legend at Benomand High School. Every player here will be proud of him, and his retired jersey will grow with every freshman.Young was visibly emotional at the scene, wiping tears from his eyes, clearly emotional at the moment and weeping in his Alma mater.Then he spoke. Young said it was an honor. He really wanted to represent everybody here, and he did.Trey Young’s story will no doubt have an impact on many of his beloved fans.As a player of modest physical talent, Trey Young proved his worth by finding his feet in the league.Now in his fourth season, he’s an All-Star in his own right and led his team to the Eastern Conference finals. He deserves to be a role model.Young is averaging 27.8 points, 3.9 rebounds, 9.3 assists and one steal per game, making three 3-pointers per game and shooting 38.3 percent from 3-point range.After an early season slump, Young has led the Hawks back to form and they currently sit 10th in the Eastern Conference at 28-30, just 2.5 games out of a top eight spot and looking to make a sustained push for the playoffs.If Young is selected to the All-Nba team this season, he will trigger an incentive clause next season and exercise a five-year, $207 million Max contract.Trey Young is heading into his second All-Star weekend as a starter for the second time.This time he will be a member of Durant’s team, in the court to show their presence.(Text/Yuwen Basketball)

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