LPL annual show coming?TES recruit for game against RNG, starting line-up uncertain

After small a long Spring Festival holiday, LPL spring game of the regular season is finally open, again before the Spring Festival, each team basically has played four or so games, also let us know the team players in this a few games of the current state, in the big team, most worrying or by TES, just start stumbling,Many times the situation of upset defeat.Not long after that, the game of the year came, TES recruited for the game against RNG, and the starting lineup changed, so what happened?TES and RNG will bring this exciting BO3 battle, as the two teams after the first show, naturally become the focus of attention of both fans.During this time, TES also apparently made a lot of preparations for this match, even signing a new support player Mark, which is likely to be specifically to deal with RNG’s killer.In the next game,TES started a big rotation, replaced by Wayward, playing wild, and new assistant Mark, this lineup can be said to be confusing.According to the prediction index given by professional esports prediction platform, TES to 2.46 behind RNG’s 1.55, this wave of rotation operation has not been optimistic.After all, TES has been so-so lately, Zhuo went 0-6 in his last game, forcing TES to consider something else.Mark may not be able to play well with the rest of the team. Under normal circumstances, beating RNG is not an easy task.The match between EDG and WE was quite dramatic. As the winner of S competition last year, EDG also showed strong dominance in the first few matches of the season. OMG had no chance or ability to resist against EDG and was directly beaten in a confused way.WE, on the other hand, are still scratching their heads for their first win of the season after a crisp five-game losing streak in arguably the most lopsided encounter in the league.EDG is 1.07 ahead of WE’s 8.52, according to the prediction index compiled by professional esports prediction platforms, and WE are slightly behind on our first win.After all, Scout and Viper are so strong that it is difficult for us to gain an advantage in the phase of opposition. Meanwhile, WE are even more doomed to struggle for mid-to-late operation, which is EDG’s traditional skill.I don’t know if you are looking forward to the next two games, what do you think of TES this wave of substitution operation?Feel free to share your views below!

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