Luck!A fan in Gaozhou is pleased to hit the 740,000 grand prize

January 7, Maoming City gaozhou Guangming Road 259, 4410010137 sports betting station came good news.A football fan in the first phase of 2022 (the 22001 phase) of the traditional football lottery win 14 games, using double betting method, Xi Zhong 1 bet first prize and 12 bet second prize, the total winning amount of 744,366 yuan, maoming contributed personal accidental income tax 135,490.80 yuan.Due to some work and family reasons, the lucky winner, Mr. Zheng (Hua surname), did not arrive until February 8, maoming Sports Lottery Center to receive the prize.We learned from our conversation that Mr. Zheng likes playing football since childhood, and he is very passionate about football and football lottery.He was good at analyzing the data of each team and accumulated a lot of practical experience. He was full of confidence and determined to win the 14 matches of the 22001 period, so he made a decisive bet.As expected, he was lucky enough to win more than 740,000 yuan.Zheng also said he bought the lottery ticket to prove his taste for the game.Even if he doesn’t win, or if he doesn’t win much, it’s one of the joys of his life.Because in the purchase of sports lottery he realized the happiness and surprise brought to him, with these is enough.

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