Smuggling weapons into Ukraine under the guise of humanitarian?Italian unions refused to load it

An Italian trade union staged a protest on March 12 after receiving information from Galileo Galilei airport employees that humanitarian aid planes bound for Ukraine were carrying weapons and ammunition instead of food and medicine.Several Galileo Galilei airport employees refused to load one of the planes, billed as carrying humanitarian aid to Ukraine, after discovering that instead of food and medicine, the boxes contained weapons, ammunition and explosives.They then informed the local union.”The workers refused to load the cargo in the face of the very serious fact that the planes first landed at the US NATO base in Poland and were then transported from Poland to Ukraine,” the Confederation of Grassroots Trade Unions (USB) said in a statement posted on its website on The evening of March 14.The group strongly condemned the practice, calling it “outright fraud.”Commenting on the union’s statement, Francesca Donato, an Italian member of the European Parliament, called on the Italian government to “clarify” what was happening.(Editing by Sven)

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