Taiwan media reported that Lin Chi-ling, 47, was suspected of having given birth in the United States, giving birth naturally and giving birth to a son

On January 31, Lin chi-ling and her husband AKIRA announced the birth of Her sister.The couple posted a photo of the three of their family, in which the baby’s hands can be seen holding the parents, which makes people feel warm and happy.Baby just born, little finger is red, let a person feel the power of life.Seeing zhiling’s stable relationship after marriage and becoming a mother, I believe her fans are also very happy for her.After all, Lin Zhiling’s relationship is also very bumpy, now I believe she will cherish the hard-won happiness.Lin chi-ling, 47, gave birth to her baby at the age of 47. She wrote in the caption, “Finally, we have a little angel in our family. I hope to share this wonderful year with everyone I love.”Lin also thanked everyone for her blessings and encouragement, but Lin and her husband did not reveal the gender of the baby in the article.After Lin Chi-ling’s pregnancy was officially announced, Taiwan media interviewed her manager, who thanked everyone for their concern, but said that details would not be shared, and hoped that everyone would share joy with her sister and brother-in-law.After Lin gave birth to a son officially announced, Taiwan media reported that she gave birth to a “cow baby” son. Taiwan media also revealed that Lin gave birth naturally.As a 47-year-old woman, Lin Has done a lot to become a mother, if Taiwan media reports are to be believed.As for her efforts, I believe that AKIRA, as her husband, will always be by her side and take good care of her and their children.Taiwan media also refers to Lin Chi-ling and her husband AKIRA married for 3 years, the outside world has been very concerned about the movement of her belly, but did not expect her to hide so well, pregnancy and birth have no news.Taiwan media said there was speculation that Lin chi-ling’s information was kept secret so well, probably because she flew to the United States to give birth.Lin Zhiling, 47, has finally become a mother of her dreams, and now she should be in the midst of the joy of becoming a better mother.Lin Chi-ling’s appearance level in the entertainment industry is also recognized as the most beautiful, I believe that if the baby looks like her, should also be particularly cute.I’m looking forward to seeing a full-length shot of all three of them.Once again, best wishes to Lin Chi-ling and AKIRA on the birth of their baby boy!In fact, look at Lin Zhiling released half a year ago dynamic, can also see some hints of pregnancy.In order to hide her pregnancy bump, Lin has rarely taken full-body photos in the sun, only showing her upper body. However, in recent photos of Lin, her face shows no signs of weight gain.She’s probably still disciplined during the pregnancy and in good shape.Congratulations again to Sister Zhiling on the birth of your son.

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