The Beginning. It’s a great show, and it’s a really good point

Actually I think “the beginning” the play is very good-looking, and the cut point play very good, really is not just what did men and women the main escape from the cycle of story, let a person feel wonderful and powerful part is each ordinary people on the car, every man is not suspended, are real people around us, every time the feelings of the outbreak of the progressive emotion,I think this can meet the standard of a good play, and then tell the whole story well. I see the heart of this play, everyone’s heart, I really feel that there is no such thing as bad ending, I still look forward to “He”, very satisfied.Is about today and zhao Bai Jingting relationship problems, a lot of people are not satisfied with this process, in fact, I seldom watch drama, just beginning to see the two people I felt to have emotional line directly that drama, but more see more think I hate actually forced into your mouth stuffed sugar, forget what I do is infinite flow, point to cp,However, the relationship between the two people in this play progressed step by step, I think it is quite reasonable, to the first hug, oh, look at me, as an old man of the same age as Bai Jingting, for the first time understand what is the cp.And zhao today wheat the actor, is also refresh my ideas about the child, “stray earth” before I didn’t get to acting, but I think she is really into the show, the acting is online, by deep impression after the collapse of the cry, and see the old coke opened the package, to catch a small white skirt, I think she is earnest ponder the character to feel character,And very hard people, after watching the drama backhand download micro blog to pay attention to her and xiao Bai, hope to see some sweet things ~ the core of this drama is a group drama, a suspense is the city life drama, DO not know if you agree.Secondly, let’s talk about some of the problems that the speaker mentioned.In the end, Lao Jiao and other passengers did not stop the driver at the first time because they did not know that the driver was an accomplice. They did not enter the cycle, and before they knew it, the driver had already grabbed the pot.Liu Yao roommate this is not a problem, well to find out from six people who posted at that time is too easy, there are 100 ways to find Liu Yao for the whole play is inevitable, there is no need to explain so clearly, also with roommates remember her Internet fobbing off in the past.The third point is why the bus company did not remember Wang Xingde. It is very clear in this play that the leaders had forgotten the matter long ago, but vaguely remembered meeting Wang Xingde. The original words are in the play, so Wang Xingde was more determined to retaliate.If some people insist that the happy reunion is too vulgar, or just want to see the tragedy, then I can only say that either lack empathy, or have ulterior motives.People’s midday works are originally problem-solving, take the public service route, to meet the needs of ordinary audiences, they must let people engage in minority entertainment, production of “lovers of literature and art”, so that the beginning of a mystery type of god (this type of work is not worthy of so large specifications).I think they wrote “Five million Reasons for the Beginning and the End”, but it was useless. The audience who met the Lord’s appeal are now very happy.The people who say bad tails and the people who say no bad tails are not saying the same thing.I watched the first 13 episodes twice while waiting for the ending, and my favorite episodes eight and eleven several times.But there was a sigh of relief after the finale.

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