“The charger is pulled out, goodbye another year”, husband and wife go out to work and steal away baby late at night, too cruel

After the New Year, left-behind children live a sad life waiting for their parents to come home.Having money or not, we go home for the Spring Festival. This is the true portrayal of us returning home and reuniting with our families during the Spring Festival. Many young people who work far away from their parents only have this chance to go back to their parents every day.So do the elderly parents, counting down the days until their children return.In addition, there are those left behind children are also looking forward to.After the family reunion dinner on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the couple packed their bags and secretly left home at night. They were like thieves because they were worried that their children would stop them from leaving after discovering them.According to the experience of previous years, when husband and wife leave home, the child is holding the thigh of the mother does not let the mother leave, looking at the appearance of the child collapse, the mother is helpless and cruel, but in order to make money, the mother can only be ruthless.So, this time the couple took advantage of the child asleep secretly leave, thinking that this way can reduce some of the child’s pain.But it was no less devastating the next day when the boy woke up to find his mother.When the mother called home to check on the baby, the grandmother told her daughter-in-law that the baby had been crying for more than an hour, and finally got tired of crying and fell asleep.When she wakes up, she’ll be crying again.This sentence is like a sword, deeply hurt the mother’s heart, mother does not know how long in psychological complaints, why CAN’t I make a lot of money?Why can’t I stay with my child while she grows up?When we talk about left-behind children, we immediately picture children shivering in shanty houses in remote villages whose parents left them to work when they were very young, leaving them at home alone or with elderly people.They can only see their parents for a few days during the Spring Festival. When their parents come back, they are happier than anyone else. But when the New Year is over and their parents leave, they will be sad for a whole year.They do not cry on weekdays, life is also in order, better than the pampered peers in the city more than half of the outstanding, this is the real portrayal of the poor children early in the household.Left-behind children are always worried about gains and losses. We often see public service advertisements about left-behind children. In the advertisements, the little models all dodge their eyes and look very trance.This is the common situation of left-behind children. They lack the companionship of their parents and no one to help them when they are young. Even washing and cooking, they find their way.Even if mom and dad really back to their side, they will become worried about gains and losses, because they have been used to parents come in a hurry, also in a hurry, this affection and love, always let people worry about gains and losses.”Why are children in cities so different from left-behind children despite the lack of parental care in their childhood?They were more likely to exhibit behavioral distortions, and fewer of the latter children went bad.This may be the impact of the environment on children!Urban children are more daring and fearless in the face of all kinds of external temptations.In addition to the countryside and fields, left-behind children are exposed to no modern buildings every day. Their vision limits them and makes them dare not dream of doing evil.It is the duty of every parent to create a good growth environment for their children. Sometimes, the bad habits of children are derived from imitating all the knowledge and experience of children, which need to be learned from external stimulation.Some need deliberate guidance from parents, some don’t need too much attention from parents.They can learn from the environment.While the latter experience accumulation, parents should try to do more maintenance, to help children control the general direction, reduce the stimulation and reinforcement that is not conducive to their development.Parents’ bad habits, in front of the children must avoid parents’ words and deeds is an important way of family education, parents in front of their children, will be regarded as the standard answer to do things.Even if they think their parents are doing something wrong, children around age 3 will continue to learn, because this is the stage when they idolize their parents, so parents should avoid risks in advance.Today’s topic: Do your kids have any bad habits that you can’t stand?How did this habit develop?Please share your thoughts with us!

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