The most beautiful grassroots auxiliary police shi Yanpeng: dedication of youth live up to youth

To show a good image of the new period, the people’s police, vigorously carry forward YingMo spirit, advanced education to guide the general civilian police officers with typical example, to do a good job in maintenance national security and social stability for the party and the people made new again, from now on, “peace luoyang” will be launched in 2021, luoyang public security “ten best civilian police, auxiliary police” deeds show column.Today, let us approach the “most beautiful auxiliary police” Shi Yanpeng.Shi Yanpeng, male, member of the COMMUNIST Party of China, duty Assistant Police of the Comprehensive Support Team of Public Security and Exit and Entry Administration Detachment. In July 2021, when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out again in Henan province, Shi Yanpeng, who had participated in epidemic prevention and control, returned to the Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of the Municipal Bureau of The People’s Republic of China immediately after receiving the order.Based on his post, he worked actively, collected information, reported materials, assisted in drafting all kinds of written materials, compiled and distributed daily, bulletin, special report and so on.Special class work task is very onerous, the comrades need to group 24 hours on duty, when he heard that the female comrade that takes a class with him is a double police family, the child that just went up in primary school in the home no one takes care of in the evening, then take the initiative to assume the group all night on duty work.Years are more beautiful because of youth, and the world is more beautiful because of youth. In his opinion, a person has done what should be done, should be out of the force, success is in it, happiness is also in it.As October 2021, the municipal Bureau of the new Party committee deployment to carry out the “Bright sword” 100 days after the meeting, Shi Yanpeng in accordance with the detachment of the Party committee work arrangement to participate in the special class work.As soon as he entered the special class, he quickly entered the role, communicated and coordinated with relevant units of the bureau, established a liaison system, actively collected typical cases and advanced deeds during the battle, assisted in writing battle briefs, and did a good job in publicity.During his work, he gave full play to his experience in party affairs and dug out typical examples of colleagues around him for publicity, creating a good atmosphere for the 100-day battle.Since the 100-day battle, he wrote and reported 15 party building information, in the party building propaganda work played an active role.Dedicated youth is the best time of life, the dream is the most dazzling sunshine in life, to dream and struggle for youth is the most beautiful scenery.Since joining the work, shi Yanpeng has been assigned to one village (grid) one police team, “one standard and three facts” basic information collection, high-quality public opinion police construction, COVID-19 prevention and control, public security team education and rectification, “Sword” 100-day battle to eliminate risks and diseases, and other special classes due to his outstanding work ability.Almost where there is a professional class, where you can see his figure, colleagues jokingly called him “professional class little talent.”No matter in which post or what task he received, Shi Yenpeng always considered the overall situation, stressed dedication and bravely took responsibility. When he was needed, he stepped forward and met difficulties head on.”Though the road is long, the action will come; though the matter is difficult, the deed will be accomplished.” This was taught to him by his teacher Yang Yanfeng when he just joined the work. It was also his youth “motto”.Shi Yenpeng pays tribute to shi Yenpeng with enthusiastic and full work enthusiasm and dedication spirit, positive and enterprising character and enthusiasm and diligence to write a bright and brilliant chapter of youth!

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