Wayne rooney: the fa have been explained intentional injury is just a feeling

Wayne Rooney says his “judgment was clouded” when he tried to hurt an opposition player during Manchester United’s match against Chelsea in 2006.In an interview published in the Mail on Sunday, Rooney said he changed his tacks to “spikes” before the Stamford Bridge game in order to “hurt people”.The FA have asked Rooney to explain the incident and he revealed on Friday that he has now spoken to English football’s governing body about the matter.The 36-year-old believes his mental health at the time was the reason he wanted to hurt an opposing player.”I was very open to myself [at the time],” he says.”It’s a feeling, it’s not me on the pitch saying ‘yes, I’m going to hurt people’.””It was a feeling I had, obviously, and I had an honest 50/50 tackle with John Terry.”The FA have asked me to respond and I have given them a response.”I talked to people and tried to help me get through it, which was the hardest part at first.””In making this documentary [Rooney — Amazon Prime Video movie], I had to be open and honest and talk about things that I personally have a hard time talking about.”I’ve been in the media since I was 16, and people have said a lot about me.””Sometimes it’s my own fault, but I want to make a point about how I feel when you’re feeling down and struggling inside.Your judgment will be affected.””To see some of the decisions that young players have made over the last few years, to see them being judged, not knowing for what reason, if they’re struggling as well.”Asked if there were better measures in place to protect the mental health of young players, the Derby county manager said: “I think so.It’s much easier now to talk openly and talk about problems.””But exposure has also changed, everyone has camera phones and social media, so it’s much easier to reach players than it used to be.”

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