Xing Shizhong became the president of national Defense University for more than 7 years, who are the partners?What rank?

Xing Shizhong became the president of national Defense University for more than 7 years, who are the partners?What rank?In February 1979, the Chinese troops engaged in the war were divided into two fronts, the east and the west, and launched an attack against the enemy with a fierce offensive, which was the war of self-defence against Vietnam.Is the war, guangzhou military region 55 army created the most of the 9 army annihilated enemy: the only one annihilated enemy broke ten thousand field army.The 163rd division alone lost 5,861 men and ranked first among the 29 infantry divisions with a ratio of 2.64 to 1.Why was the 163rd so powerful?In addition to the 163rd division military and political chief officer Edge Guixiang, Wu Enqing, the then chief of staff Xing Shizhong also contributed a lot.Xing Shizhong was born in Jinan, Shandong province in September 1938 (27 years of republic of China).In August 1953, Xing Shizhong was admitted to Nanjing Army Engineering School.In March 1956, Xing Shizhong was transferred to the Independent Engineer Battalion of the 219th Division of the 55th Army.Thus, Xing Shizhong and the 55th Army formed an indissoluble bond.In February 1979, Xing Shizhong, then chief of staff of the 163rd Division of the 55th Army, joined the war.After the war xing Shizhong was promoted to commander of the 163rd Division.In May 1983, Xing Shizhong took charge of the 55th Army.In June 1985, Xing Shizhong was promoted to chief of staff of lanzhou Military Area Command as a senior general of the actual combat group in the Vietnam war.In September 1988, Xing Shizhong was awarded the rank of major General, then deputy commander of lanzhou Military Area Command.In July 1995, Xing Shizhong, who had more than ten years of experience at the deputy grand army region level, took over from General Zhu Dunfa, who was retiring at an age, and officially took charge of the National Defense University.National Defense University (NDU) is the highest military institution in the PLA. Its history can be traced back to the Red Army Guidance Team founded by Chairman MAO in 1927 in Jinggangshan. It has successively experienced the university of Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army, The Anti-japanese Military and Political University, the Higher Military College, and the Military and political University.In March 1985, the Central Military Commission decided at an executive meeting to merge the Military College, The School of Political Science and the School of Logistics into the National Defense University.In January 1986, THE National Defense University was formally established, with Zhang Zhen and Li Desheng serving as military and political leaders.Get to the point, XingShiZhong until January 2003 to the age of retirement, administration before and after the national defense university more than seven years, in March 1998, promoted to admiral rank), successively with Wang Maorun, Zhao Keming two commissar partner, specific circumstances is as follows: Wang Maorun Admiral Wang Maorun was born in 1936 in May (25 years of the republic of China), shandong rongcheng (weihai escrow county) people.Wang Maorun was born in a revolutionary family, and his two elder sisters and elder brother were all old-timers who had experienced the baptism of the Anti-Japanese War.In June 1951, our volunteers were fighting a bloody war in Korea, but every young man with ambition was proud to join the army.It was also this month that Wang Maorun was drafted into the army and assigned to 镆铘 Island police station of Shidao Branch of Border Security Bureau of Shandong Public Security Department.▲ Wang Maorun had long lived in 镆铘 island fighting at that time, the island conditions are very difficult, Wang Maorun resolutely overcome it.In 1956, after five years of grass-roots experience and training Wang Maorun as the garrison 19th division military affairs department staff.In 1964, Wang Maorun served as the military affairs staff of the 67th Army.After more than ten years, Wang Maorun served in the 67th Army for a long time.The 67th Army is a legendary military unit, with its old roots in the 115th Division of the Eighth Route Army.In the war, the 67th Army annihilated 87,035 people, and once created the “highest record of daily enemy killing”, ranking the top of the volunteer army.In 1973, Wang Maorun transferred to the Jinan Military Region political Department deputy secretary.In 1976, Wang Maorun returned to the 67th Army as director of the Political Department (later vice political commissar).In July 1985, the leadership of the major military areas was adjusted, and Wang Maorun was promoted to director of the Political Department of lanzhou Military Area Command.In September 1988, Wang Maorun witnessed the historical moment of the implementation of the new military rank system in our army, and himself was awarded the rank of major general (in 1993, the rank of lieutenant General).In April 1990, Wang Mao-Runping was transferred to the post of Deputy Political Commissar and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Lanzhou Military Region.In December 1994, Wang Maorun transferred to the Military Academy as deputy political commissar and secretary of the commission for Discipline inspection.In July 1995, Wang Maorun succeeded Li Wenqing, who was retiring at an age, as political commissar of national Defense University.In July 2001, Wang Maorun retired from the army.General Zhao Keming was born in October 1942 in Wuhan, Hubei Province.In August 1961, Zhao keming joined the army and was assigned to a wuhan Military Command.In September 1964, Zhao Keming was promoted to the post of secretary of a military camp.In July 1967, Zhao Keming was promoted to be a soldier in the propaganda Section of the Political Department.In the years that followed, Mr. Chao struggled on the propaganda front.By January 1980, Zhao Keming had been promoted to a reporter of the press office of the People’s Liberation Army Daily.In June 1983, Zhao Keming was sent to the field unit as director of the political Department of a division.In August 1985, Zhao Keming was promoted to secretary-general of the Political Department of the Guangzhou Military Region.In May 1988, Zhao Keming was ordered to Beijing as the deputy minister of the Propaganda Department of the General Political Department (later minister).In September, our army implemented a new rank system, zhao Ke Ming was awarded the rank of major general.In February 1995, Zhao Keming left the general Political Department for many years and returned to the field army as political commissar of the 47th Group Army of Lanzhou Military Region, which is a heroic model army with outstanding achievements.In January 1996, Zhao Keming became the Deputy Political Commissar of the National Defense University.In 1998, He was promoted to the rank of lieutenant general.In July 2001, Zhao Keming succeeded Wang Maorun as the political commissar of the National Defense University, and was promoted to the chia Tai Military region level.In January 2003, When General Xing Shizhong retired, Zhao Keming partnered with pei Huailiang and Ma Xiaotian.In June 2004, Chao was promoted to the rank of general.In September 2007, General Chao also retired from military service.Reference Materials: [1] In Memory of Xianghe Revolutionary Martyrs — Bian Guixiang (Xianghe Media);[2] An Amiable and Respectable Elder — Deep Memory of General Xing Shizhong, former President of National Defense University (Chen Yongjun · Chinese Soul);[3] Wang Jun, Luo Jinmu, “The Red Blood Of Jinggang Mountain for 90 Years, How National Defense University Continues” (;[4] Wang Maorun (celebrity Resume website);[5] History of the 67th Army of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (Junwei · Military History Forest);[6] Zhao Keming – Special Topics on Contemporary Figures in Hongshan District (Boya Culture Travel Network).

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