“A Song of Ice and Fire”

Article | DataENT digital entertainment, author | Xiao Yu, editor | single win the whole people crazy rob ice Dun Dun, the public crazy praise Gu Ailing.The hottest topic in recent days is the Beijing Winter Olympics: What is the commercial value of an Olympic champion behind Gu’s gold medal?Whether it was the welcoming pine fireworks and the 24 solar terms at the opening ceremony, the exciting first gold medal of the short track speed skating team, or the historic record made by the skiers, people were talking about it and triggered heated discussions on social media.Riding the wind of the Winter Olympics, ice and snow sports have attracted more attention than ever before. Ice hockey, skiing, skating and other sports have appeared more and more frequently in the public eye in recent years.Of course, it also appeared in variety shows and film and television works.The excitement of the Winter Olympics has spread to the content industry, with projects related to ice and snow sports emerging one after another in recent years.IQIYI and jiangsu satellite TV has created “super fun skiing conference”, Beijing TV and youku jointly produced the snow day to see you, southeast of mango TV and satellite TV has followed the champion to go skiing, there are “beyond” the name of the ice and snow “and” the games are a family “series works in various platforms such as online · · · · · · snow subject variety one by one,Winter Olympics tribute plays have also been broadcast.But will the winter Olympics fever really lead to a comprehensive film and television series about snow and ice?Not so far.The successful bid for the Beijing Winter Olympics has brought a lot of snow and ice sports under fire, and many content producers are also turning their eyes to related themes.In 2017, Beijing SATELLITE TV launched a panoramic ice reality show called “Crossover Ice King”, in which eight ice-skating artists with no basic knowledge were invited to complete the challenge of ice performance after training.Perhaps in a bid to build momentum for the Winter Olympics, the show is packed with a training camp led by Zhang Yimou and mentors from the national figure skating team, including Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo.In 2019, Zhejiang SATELLITE TV jointly produced “Big Ice Little General” with the Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, inviting Yi Yangqianxi as the manager and Lei Jiayin as the leader to build a youth hockey team as the core content.If these two shows are just testing the waters, two years before the Winter Olympics, the production of ice and snow variety shows has ushered in a boom.Since 2021, there have been 13 snow and ice-themed variety shows on various platforms, eight of which will be launched this year, just in time for the Winter Olympics. Most of the shows focus on science popularization and competition of snow and ice sports.Winter Olympics and ice and snow sports elements not only appear frequently in variety shows, but also become popular film and television themes.According to Statistics from Shuyujun, eight ice and snow series have been aired on various platforms since 2020.At the beginning of this year, four works have been aired successively, including the inspirational sports drama Transcendence, which tells the story of the roller skating girl Chen Mian from a non-professional player to the main force of the national team to compete in the Winter Olympics, and the Name of Ice and Snow, which tells the love story of three generations of a family with the theme of “China and the 40 years of the Winter Olympics”.”Winter Olympics Family,” a sitcom set during the Beijing Winter Olympics, and “Junior Hockey,” a drama about college ice sports students.”Transcendence” premiered on CCTV, and was broadcasted on four SATELLITE TVS in Dongfang, Beijing, Heilongjiang and Hunan. Another winter Olympics tribute drama, “The Name of Ice and Snow”, was also broadcasted on seven TV stations.From put on record information, also have many relevant theme series are preparing.On the movie side, there are also ice sports themed projects.In addition to “Fly of my Heart,” produced by Xu Zheng and starring Meng Meiqi and Xia Yu, “Zero Limit,” directed by Wai Min Ye, starring Han Geng, Yin Fang and Lang Yuting, and “The Ice Breaker,” based on short track speed skater Wu Dajing, have already been shot and are awaiting release.The animated film “Our Winter Olympics”, which is designed for the Beijing Winter Olympics and features popular mascots Bing Dwen Dwen, Xue Rong Rong and classic Chinese characters, has been released on February 19.Under a large number of projects concentrated “bombing”, the snow and ice theme has become one of the hottest new tracks in the content industry.Snow and ice projects piled up with little success?The Winter Olympics, held at home, has generated more interest in snow and ice sports, attracting more and more people to participate in snow and ice sports.The film and television comprehensive project with this theme naturally acts as a medium for popularizing snow and ice sports.For example, in The Winter Dream About The Second Season, guests will experience a winter Olympics ice and snow event each time, learn the knowledge points and key movements of the event, and even compete against each other on the field.The first program focused on curling, with Zhou Yanlai, coach of the Beijing curling team and a former member of the Chinese women’s curling team, giving a lecture.The popular science of professional athletes gives the audience a clearer idea of the rules and play of curling, and the personal experience of guests also shows the fun brought by the sport.Many ice-snow movies and TV programs directly set the main character as an athlete. For example, in last year’s Fly with The Wind, shen Zhengyi, the female lead, is a short-track speed skater, while Shao Beisheng, the male lead, is a figure skater.In addition to popular science, films and television works with athletes as protagonists often show athletes’ fighting spirit by telling stories about characters.In the TV series Beyond, Chen Mian’s tearful haircut made many viewers empathize with the pressure and urgency of athletes’ desire to win, while interviews with real athletes at the end of each episode gave viewers a deeper understanding of athletes’ hardships.There is no doubt that the emergence of snow and ice themed events will help to enhance the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics and show the charm of snow and ice sports.But more projects does not mean better grades.As things stand, many of the works are not performing as expected.Among the variety programs, only two of the ice-snow variety programs aired since 2021 have entered the TOP30 of yunhe data hegemony daily list.Among them, the best “super fun ski conference” entered the TOP10 daily list for 7 times, and the highest ranked fourth.”I’ll See You on a Snowy Day” made the list only five times, peaking at No. 18.Photo source: cloud data series, the network performance good works or “rock sugar snow pear stew” broadcast in 2020, according to the cloud and data statistics, it is in the online issue once topped list ranked by serial bully screen, followed by the wind to fly with you, in the serial bully screen, ranking the highest ranked as the fifth, other works never even enter the top 10.While gu Ailing, Ren Ziwei and other players rely on the performance of the game to attract hot search, as a key project of the Winter Olympics tribute drama is little attention.”Winter Olympics Family” only in migu video network broadcast alone;”Hockey Junior” in the drama screen list of the highest day only ranked 17;”Beyond,” which premiered on CCTV1, had a 1.089% rating, the second-to-last rating compared to 2021, when it aired on the same channel at the same time.The name of Ice and Snow, which was broadcast on multiple channels, also reduced the real-time attention of several TV channels by 0.1%. The only thing that was discussed was the alleged plagiarism of costumes and props from the Gold medalists of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.There are several films on the theme of ice and snow sports, but none has been officially released.The film “Zero Limit” in the morning of January 12, just released the final trailer, the afternoon announced that the January 14 release plan was cancelled, changed to “when the flowers bloom as promised.”Fly of my Heart,” which was scheduled to be released on the first day of The Chinese New Year, was also temporarily withdrawn before the Spring Festival, but the studio has not received any response.The audience s impression of the movie has also been greatly affected by rumors about the lead actress Meng Mi-ki and her stunt double.Without the boost of the Winter Olympics, it’s unclear how these films will fare when they are released again.Winter Olympics fire, does not mean that ice and snow theme is popular.Although the winter Olympics theme and snow and ice theme film and television comprehensive works frequently appear in the market, but no one really achieved a good response.Winter Olympics fever, why ice and snow theme unsatisfactory?The snow and ice theme did poorly for many reasons.Schedule may have an effect.Most of the events were broadcast in time for the Winter Olympics, but the choreographed and edited versions were far less exciting than the actual games.The intense atmosphere of the games, the excitement of competitive sports and the sense of national pride naturally attract the public’s attention.On the final day of the short track speed skating competition a few days ago, the athletes had frequent crashes, and the hearts of the spectators were raised to shout, Short track speed skating is too exciting.With snow and ice content, audiences naturally prefer to watch the Winter Olympics without body doubles.During the Winter Olympics, many netizens said that watching the commentary of the Olympic Games is better than variety shows and TV dramas. Wang Meng, the world champion commentator on the video platform, was the most popular commentator on the Internet, winning a lot of applause.More likely, however, is the fact that content creators are only using formulas to get the most attention, leading to a “flood” of ice and snow themes.In terms of content, many projects tend to be homogeneous.Taking ice and snow variety shows as an example, they are more scientific than entertaining.”About the second quarter of winter dreams” snow and ice as the combustion and the activists “receive” and so on programs, though the link, but the main content is still popular science + experience, present a program or a stereotypical to explain the rules of the sport, let guest actual feeling, basic same, shows the look and feel of the game is just the past a reality show links with ice and snow sports.So far, the most specific content is “Winter Dream Date” broadcast early last year, but in the final analysis, on the basis of sports science, added the winter Olympics venue introduction and music performance, nothing new.Under the banner of “sports events” and “creative games”, “Super Fun Ski Conference” failed to live up to its name. Instead, it was the cp of the guests that sparked more discussion.Therefore, this kind of variety show relies more on the impetus of guests, such as CAI Xukun, Liu Yuxin, Yu Shuxin, Huang Minghao… and other popular idols are invited.From the performance of bullet screen, the audience of the program is still mostly fans.The repetition of sports events also makes the audience feel aesthetic fatigue, especially film and television works.Considering the shooting needs, ice projects are more favored by producers. Compared with snow projects, which are more dangerous, the audience can understand, the director is easy to shoot and the actors are easy to practice.Five of the eight shows that have aired so far are related to short track speed skating, and the characters are so similar that both the scenes and main character arcs feel familiar.More importantly, read the plot can be found, a lot of drama is just a snow and ice theme of the case, in essence or change the same sweet pet youth drama, but the protagonist in love for a set of identity.Therefore, the percentage of female users will be higher.Comparatively speaking, Transcendence is a passionate drama that takes competitive growth as the main line without love. However, although it got a rating of 8.2 on Douban, it was not as good as “Stewed Pear with Rock Sugar” and “Fly with The Wind”, which spent a lot of time on love.The audience’s enthusiasm is always fleeting with one hot spot after another, timing and quality are indispensable.The arrival of the Winter Olympic Games, for the content industry to open the window of snow and ice theme, seize the opportunity to make the minority theme boutique is a good policy.But across the market, the project swarmed in, want to share a slice of the soup from the tide, the quality of the work is uneven, the audience has no patience not to buy it is also an inevitable result.There are two things producers should think about again: how to do snow and ice, and whether the market really needs so much snow and ice.Don’t blindly follow the hot spot, all in the sports carnival.

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