The same Chinese New Year, Americans “can’t buy” things, But China jingdong Vipshop is not closed?

Who would have thought that one day it would be impossible for westerners to eat Turkey at Christmas?The United States is in the midst of a severe supply chain crisis that has led to price increases, with ham prices up 50 percent and Turkey prices up 14 percent.But the irony is that even if you have money, you can’t necessarily buy goods.More than 100 ships are currently stranded at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, according to the Southern California Marine Exchange.The ship was full of goods, but there was not enough labor to carry them ashore.In order to recruit truck drivers, one American trucking company even offered salaries approaching $100,000.None of this has solved the problem, however, and America’s supply chain crisis has turned into a major supply outage.Both large supermarkets and small retail outlets are facing a situation of running out of goods to sell.The number of visits to physical stores in the United States plummeted by more than 90 percent compared with 2019, according to data released by authoritative organizations in the United States.Across the Pacific in China, however, a very different picture is emerging.Approaching the End of the New Year, every family is in full swing to prepare for the New Year goods.Whether it is the supermarket or the market, there is a sea of people, shoulder to shoulder.In addition to offline supermarkets, online e-commerce platforms are also not to be outdone, Shouting the slogan “Spring Festival is not closed” to ensure the normal consumption demand of Chinese people during the Spring Festival.Tmall announced that the “Spring Festival as usual delivery” guarantee area can cover 95% of the country’s cities, 200,000 Taobao Tmall merchants will continue to operate during the Spring Festival;Jingdong, which is famous for logistics, still makes great efforts in logistics, specially setting up the “Delivery period during the Spring Festival”, and even in some regions, “delivery within hours”.Vipshop not only guaranteed logistics, but also upgraded services for orders during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger.The original seven days of return and exchange without reason can be extended to 15 days as long as orders are signed between January 24 and February 8.At the same time, the original self-run order door-to-door collection and return services are still as usual.It is no wonder that a large number of consumers flock to VIPSHOP. The Spring Festival held by the platform has become their first destination.Just two days after the event opened, there were many popular items.According to data from the platform, gold bracelets increased by 418.68% year on year, and parent-child pajamas and home clothes increased by 383.78% year on year, among which many popular items are “New Year’s greetings” of National tide elements.There is no doubt that, unlike the americans, who are rich but have nothing to buy, The Chinese are showing their great consumption vitality.

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