Young Capricorn and old Capricorn

The cool air of the young Capricorn will make your hair stand on end even if you are 800 miles away.Old Capricorn, from a distance, only see the tip of the iceberg.What you can’t see is the huge iceberg at the bottom of the sea, which has settled for thousands of miles.Young Capricorns are in bud with deep thoughts.You can’t smell it, you can’t see it.Words, old Capricorn, are all about humanity.Young Capricorns still have a sense of humanity to look forward to.Older Capricorns have learned not to expect humanity, but to master it.Young Capricorns don’t display charm easily. They prefer to observe and experience the world.The old Capricorn has seen through all living things and has less and less temper.They disdain to quarrel with fools.Young Capricorns have a low attraction score and are too secretive to reveal either their strengths or weaknesses.Old Capricorns live freely and freely, but their shortcoming is that they have no defects, and their comprehensive ability is one of nature and man.Young Capricorn is a Taoist priest, transparent and in practice.Old Capricorn is a combination of angels and demons, making good of good and evil of evil.

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