5-1!Great Paris disaster, Messi’s best game: a corner kick to assist the goal + a free kick in the box

On February 7 (Beijing time), Greater Paris came from behind to beat lille 5-1 to secure their place at the top of the table.This game, Neymar continues to be absent, Messi and Mbappe lead the starting line-up.Messi had just scored one goal in his first season in Ligue 1, and there were doubts about his suitability, but after this game, those doubts will be dispelled.Greater Paris scored 10 minutes into the first half when the Lille keeper saved the ball and Parreira immediately hit an empty goal to give the visitors a 1-0 lead.The hosts drew level in the 28th minute when Benarfa juggled the wing and botman volleyed home to make it 1-1.Then the game became messi’s one-man stage.Greater Paris took the lead again in the 33rd minute when Messi set up Kimpumbe to score from a corner kick.Just before half-time, Mbappe countered with the ball, lille players went down to intercept, but stopped the ball for Messi, who faced the goalkeeper and finally opened the scoring, Messi’s confidence and calm handling of the single ball was really impressive.It is worth mentioning that Messi also hit the crossbar with a free-kick in the first half. His free-kick went over the wall and into the far corner, but was eventually blocked by the crossbar.Since joining Greater Paris, Messi has had many shots blocked by the woodwork in Ligue 1, otherwise he would not have scored twice.In the second half, Paris continued to attack, pereira and Mbappe scored successively, of which Mbappe’s goal, is messi in his own half organization to Velati, then Mbappe’s pocket shot into the corner, lille goalkeeper had no idea what to do.In a 5-1 thrashing of the champions, messi set up a corner, scored a single goal and hit the box from a free-kick in what was arguably his best game in Ligue 1 since joining the club, against a strong lille side.So far this season, Messi has played much better against the big teams (and in the Champions League). Is it because the opposition is so bad that he has struggled in Ligue 1?

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