Car min Kui wipe the podium, South Korea 3 female athletes collective response to play face, CCTV 5 words praise

After car 旼 kratos is wiped, despite South Korea’s three female athletes collective response to dozen face, CCTV five words praised, in the middle of the 500 – meter short-track speed skating project athletes South Korea car 旼 kratos, because won a silver medal oneself heart defy spirit, so before the award to wipe the podium, it means that he didn’t feel clean this podium.He was such a move has attracted a lot of those questioned and criticized, because he has joined the project, each player is actually occupies a circuit, don’t take to others, but also will not collide with other players, so our team Gao Ting yu to get the gold medal, this is no controversy.So it’s no wonder the South Korean player was criticized for making such a controversial move under such circumstances.From which we could see that he itself is quite right, and we also noticed that when the end of the game, after the Japanese team won the bronze medal on the very atmosphere and we celebrate China’s athletes hugged each other, looks very atmospheric, instead, the South Korea players hiding in the side of the face is very ugly, seems quite unhappy.Questions have been raised about the way the South Korean players have behaved in a way that makes them look like they don’t fit in with other national teams and lack the Olympic spirit.But just recently, in the short track speed skating women’s 3,000m relay final, the game South Korea three female athletes made some practices really is very moving, but also play the face of the car before minkui some practices.In the final of this event, The Netherlands finally won the gold medal, the Korean team won the silver medal, and the Chinese team won the bronze medal. After this competition, the women’s athletes of the three teams did not dare to take a picture together because of the previous estrangement, but under the appeal of the Chinese team players,Athletes from South Korea and the Netherlands also accepted the Chinese woman’s request to take a selfie with her mobile phone, and they all seemed very loving.This scene was also captured and reported by CCTV, which praised the overall behavior of this time with five words: “Most love photo”.In fact, the five words of CCTV also explain everything, that is, these athletes, especially the three South Korean women athletes, crossed all the barriers before, put aside all the stereotypes, at this moment really embodies the Olympic spirit.After participating in the game together, we are rivals on the field and friends off the field. The very loving scene moved many audiences.South Korea three female athlete of the scene, there is no doubt also face the athletes before the car 旼 kratos made not harmonious scene, is you want to see that they have love, rather than as individual athletes, deliberately not to celebrate, perceived rivals, such behavior is sure to get the audience a thumb up and support.Finally, we hope to see more of this kind of celebration in the coming Olympics so that it can truly embody the spirit of sport.If a big sport like this is mixed with a lot of unexpected things, it makes no sense for everyone and every player not to enjoy the competition.So I hope the Korean athletes can put down some things in their hearts and really enjoy this Winter Olympics and enjoy sharing their joy with some athletes from other countries.

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