Having said so much about Chinese cuisine, let’s have a look at foreign cuisine

Haijiang Island is the least populated island in Hawaii, where there is the best food and restaurants, known as the “garden island”, with coffee, sugar, fruit, cattle, pigs and other rich agricultural products.Sunrise on the island of papaya coe lush climate make agriculture to flourish, the island growth of cucumber, nutrient-rich, papaya surprisingly, there are many strange fruit, vegetables and other agricultural products, although not completely organic cultivation of things here, but very healthy, there are a lot of farms and agricultural trade markets, local Hawaii many ingredients come from here.Coffee KOECONICHI company is one of the largest coffee plantations, Hawaii is the largest coffee plantations, this island is a good place to know Hawaii coffee, visitor center has designed the visit to the showroom, have free coffee sample, self-help guide can introduce all knowledge of coffee, if have the chance to go to coe island, please don’t miss this place.Seafood in hai river island any restaurant can point to the delicious seafood, for example, shrimp and fish, is fresh and cheap, river island in the sea, eat here either peeled shrimp, Fried or do hamburgers are delicious, in the sea of comfort and leisure to enjoy Hawaii features seafood, is really a kind of enjoyment, not only shrimp, fish food is also very rich, but the local cuisine is not much,So there are a lot of common recipes, there are far fewer gourmet cooking methods in coastal areas of our country, but fortunately, fresh seafood steamed is already very good.Sweet potato, taro is a kind of vegetable, has long been cooking native hawaiians staple food, its reason is easy to understand, because taro eat nutritious, like spinach and broccoli taste, is also very popular in the local people, a lot of people think of taro, taro starch will want to do the food, taro is one of the most famous food in Hawaii, often can be found in a restaurant,It is purple in appearance and slightly sour and astringent in taste when eaten raw. Local people use taro for desserts, pink and many other delicacies.Fruit cake Hawaii is famous for passion fruit, sweet fruit taste very addictive, passion fruit cake is made of this kind of fruit, taste soft pie, like the skin of the protein is light, juicy and delicious, almost all the passion fruit cake in the photo is provided by the local bakery, add mayonnaise and chocolate sauce to eat is perfect, especially コ エ island coffee beans is very rich,It means the local chocolate is plentiful, making it one of the best destinations for tourists with a sweet tooth.Hamburgers and hot dogs hamburgers and hot dogs is the traditional food of the United States, but the local people in Hawaii also like these two kinds of food, I think this is the home of hamburgers and hot dogs, these two kinds of food with sausage and vegetables, it is enough nutritious, luckily Hawaii’s price is not too high, the family of cheap hamburgers and hot dogs, in the street stalls sell,Locals eat it with hot drinks, so adults and children alike enjoy it.Is there anything you’d like to try?

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