How to lift 400 tons of ice cube to the ground?

Source: look at news just held on the evening of February 4 () of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, the Milky Way the falls from the sky like condense into ice, nearly three storeys high ice cube firmly rises, the colorful laser engraving of the Olympic rings rose slowly from the crushed ice, like a bright star in the night sky, will the opening ceremony of the atmosphere to a climax.How did this amazing appearance come about?What tests did he go through?Dragon TV reporter has an exclusive interview with the technical team of the 15th Winter Olympics project of the First Academy of Aerospace Engineering. Follow our camera to explore the secrets.The ground stage system is the core equipment for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The whole stage is a seamless LED screen, covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters.During the construction, the team will install more than 11,500 pieces of equipment in a 10-meter-deep bunker at the Bird’s Nest, using more than 5,000 tons of steel alone, making it the largest stage performance system in China.The opening ceremony of this year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing is not a crowd of people, but a more technological element, so the technical installation on stage is particularly important, the most eye-catching is the ice Cube used for the five rings.So how did the 400-ton Icecube rise to the ground at the center of the stage?How does the effect of breaking ice work?Icecube device is slowly rising, this device has 22 meters long, 7 meters wide, and the Olympic rings is hidden in the middle of it, when it is up to 10 meters high from the ground, the sky of will drop quickly, and it hidden among the five Olympic rings connected to this time, the ice cube device can quickly settlement under the stage,Let its hidden Olympic rings appear in front of our eyes and rise into the air with wiya.

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