Ji Kaiting, a rich woman after 90: her boyfriend is a rural guy 5 years younger than her, dating for many years unmarried

This year’s Hurun Rich list saw Kei become the first woman to be born in the 1990s in China with a fortune of 45.56 billion yuan.To the surprise of netizens, Kei kaiting is not only rich, but also sweet looking, a serious white rich beauty.Unfortunately, the famous flower has a master, Ji Kaiting’s boyfriend is 5 years younger than her rural guy, two people for many years but not married.It is well known that Kei Kaiting is the apple of longguang real estate boss Ji Haipeng’s eye.When it comes to the second generation of wealth, many people’s first reaction is that a playboy does not want to make progress, but Kei is not so. On the contrary, she is a low-key woman with strong business strength.Kei took over from Longguang in 2012, and under her guidance, the company’s market value continued to climb, as did her own.In just two years, Kei was ranked 25th on the 2014 Hurun Rich list with a fortune of $1.3 billion.After two more years of hard work, Kei kai Ting has become the richest woman born in the 1990s in China.There is no denying that Kei can achieve such achievements without the support of her father.Ji Haipeng is in the rise of the domestic real estate industry into the line, founded the Longguang Group.In the later period, with his extensive contacts and business acumen, he successfully obtained some popular land in Shenzhen and made a lot of money.Ji Kaiting was born, Ji Haipeng attaches great importance to children’s education, especially to teach Ji Kaiting to learn to be independent, and establish the correct concept of the rich and poor.Before junior high school, Kei went to public schools and never revealed her real identity to anyone.In the eyes of classmates and teachers, Ji Kaiting is an ordinary girl.After graduating from junior high school, Kei went to the UK to study and was admitted to The University of London with excellent grades, majoring in finance and economics.After graduation, Kei kaiting plans to return to China to succeed her father.Ji Haipeng see daughter professional strength, as well as her fair and just attitude to people, the heart is gratified, and determine that her daughter has enough ability to take over the family business.When other second-generation rich take over the family business, they want to make a statement to the world and build prestige in front of their employees.In order to better integrate into the group, Ji Kaiting does not mind learning from the grassroots, hoping to master the core of each position and department.It is with this hard work and low profile, Kei kai Ting is popular, created their own business empire.Such an outstanding post-90s girl with good looks, netizens are concerned about her love and marriage status.It is reported that Kei Kaiting has a boyfriend 5 years younger than her, or from the countryside, the two have been dating for many years unmarried, what is going on?IT was in 2013 that Ji Kaiting took a fancy to the prospects of the IT industry and intended to cooperate with Qiankun Group.It is because of this cooperation, Ji Kaiting knew Yao Shangkun, although from the countryside, he can do bold, energetic, successfully attracted ji Kaiting.Yao Shangkun how also did not think of such a rich woman incredibly so friendly, a little shelf.The two became good friends and then lovers.According to the convention, ji Kaiting such a successful person, the choice of marriage object is certainly a rich businessman, but Yao Shangkun company although the value of 100 million, compared with Ji Kaiting Shen value is not worth mentioning.After being with Yao, Kei told her father.At first, Ji Haipeng is very surprised, thought daughter how to see this poor boy.In order to respect her daughter, Ji Haipeng decided to observe silently, so met yao Shangkun.When I saw Yao Shangkun, Ji Haipeng was moved by his simplicity.After the conversation, Ji Haipeng know Yao Shangkun business process, think the young man is very ambitious, the in the mind gradually recognized the prospective son-in-law.

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