New energy medicine two plate adjustment, which fund master worthy of trust

Down, down, down!Bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom!Investment fund for many years of Xiao Wu, how did not expect this year, the year of the tiger opened the first working day, the stock market began to adjust, especially gem, is a continuous drop.His heavy warehouse fund, is more miserable, because benefit from last year’s market, Xiao Wu’s fund or heavy warehouse new energy, medicine two big race, as a long slope for many years thick snow track, look at the change in style, although continuous bottom fishing, but still let him a little unprepared.In fact, not only Xiao Wu, including the majority of fund holders, are currently facing such a puzzle: new energy, medicine, military and other long slope thick snow track, almost suffered an avalanche this year, in this context, how fund holders respond?How to choose suitable “ski master”?Which “skiers” can you trust?(1) The fall of King Ning No one expected king Ning, the leader of the ning group, to fall so fast, and there is no sign of stability.After falling 8% on the previous day, ningde Times continued to fall at the opening on February 11. The intraday decline was once more than 4%, and the stock price also fell below 500 yuan again, the lowest price fell to 491 yuan, this week has fallen more than 15%.As the only gem market value over one trillion ningde era, his every move, have a profound impact on the overall trend of the GEM, gem refers to the early trading volume also dropped more than 2%.From this week’s trend, ningde times market value evaporation has been close to 200 billion yuan, and directly led to the entire new energy plate weak.At the same time, the adjustment of “medicine and Ming system” is also continuing, even more tragic.As the leader of THE CXO(pharmaceutical outsourcing), the trend was clearly hit, after falling by the daily limit on February 8, three consecutive trading sessions of more than 20%, and on February 11, intraday drop of more than 3%.In addition, the military sector has also seen a similar situation, the track avalanches are becoming more serious.As the saying goes, behind every avalanche, every snowflake is not innocent.So, for the opening year of this avalanche, has been confused investors, is not a little innocent?More serious is, on the occasion of the ningde era of continuous heavy fall, the first securities Wei Zhichao et al that the adjustment of the ningde era as a whole has not ended, the future may still have a significant space for decline.There may be a rebound in the adjustment process, so it is recommended to meet the higher goods.Is there an end to this fall?(2) Two factors like many investors, wealth jun is also a face meng, what is the reason, caused this round of stock market volatility, and hurt many new energy, medicine theme funds.Now, looking back, there are actually two factors: first, overseas factors, including two aspects.One aspect, is the overseas regulatory policy, has the us department of commerce will 33 Chinese entities in its without checking list, including drugs of related companies, and some of the science and technology, and from now, the science and technology co., LTD. Is a supplier of ningde era, worries over ningde era would be affected;On the other hand, we have been talking about the situation in Ukraine. From the current public information, the situation in Ukraine is becoming more and more intense. The market worries about the turmoil in the international market, especially the US stock market.Secondly, there are internal factors, which are mainly market sentiment.Just before the year of the tiger lunar New Year, the market has been talking about a problem, is the problem of market the bottom of the “emotion”, that is, in other monetary policy, financial regulation, industry support, etc., have become clear to eliminate worries market, investor sentiment, has become the important of market activity, lack of investor confidence, become the important factor of the recent market strength.From the feedback of the market, Fortune also found that there are at least three obstacles in the current fund market. The first one is the sharp withdrawal of fund performance.Obviously, in this wave of stock market adjustment, the relevant theme fund losses, with new energy, medicine theme fund is the most significant, statistics show that the hot track focused growth style fund, a month this year as a whole down nearly 10%, individual fund retractable range even more than 20%.Second, the launch was blocked.Affected by the fund net adjustment drag, the fund issued market heat also suffered freezing point, the average monthly issue share significantly atrophy.As of February 10, 27 public funds have announced the extension of the deadline since the start of the year, of which active equity funds occupy the majority, while the average size of new funds raised in January was only 800 million, a 23-month low.The third one is a big redemption.Is when the market is weak, large redemption rumors continue, and even appeared a day was redeemed 40 billion pound news, although the company was denied, but the market did appear to be large redemption fund products.Faced with such a block, fund holders are also at a loss: I continue to copy bottom?Or cut the flesh and walk away?The most important moment has arrived.In view of the current market, in view of investors’ confusion, Fortune is also looking for this market “ski expert”, overall summed up, a total of four suggestions: First: overseas factors, observe the follow-up progress.For overseas regulatory change, the negative impact of skier is generally believed that the incident still need to continue to observe the effect of subsequent progress, be added to the UVL enterprise can take relevant measures to try and be removed from the list, generally remove take months, at present the main risk has been released, of course not happen overnight.Number two: Style shift.In fact, judging from the market situation this year, the low valuation sector has attracted more attention, especially the new infrastructure sector. After the real estate sector showed signs of recovery, the advantage of the new infrastructure sector has become more and more prominent. In addition, the hot spot is the digital economy sector, which is expected to continue.Rule 3: Low valuations are no excuse for bottom-fishing.For most investors, through continuous adjustment, the valuations of hot plate has been greatly reduced, and some mature investor’s bottom desire is more intense, skier, low valuation not bottom, the current hot plate overall valuation is still in 60 times, is not low, compared with the traditional plate you remember “newbie died after high,Old hands die fishing “.Rule four: Casting is a good method.Since we do not know where the bottom is, so we ordinary investors can not look on coldly, or even sit idly by, this time the advantage of the cast began to appear, disciplined cast, will certainly bring you unexpected surprises.So, after reading these suggestions, are you set?At this point, savvy investors will surely find that they can simply go to the right skier.And in the current market, fish and dragons mixed, under the circumstances, what kind of “ski master” worthy of attention and trust?To this end, Fortune has summarized five dimensions based on his years of experience and summary, hoping to help you.First, scale.I believe many people are familiar with this dimension, especially from the corporate level. The asset management scale of a fund company directly determines its ranking and market position in the industry, and even the priority of some innovative businesses.Second, performance.Obviously, the performance of the fund company’s products directly determines its position in the industry, returns to investors, and whether it can obtain the trust and loyalty of the holder, performance is essential.Third, vote for research.This includes two levels, namely, equity investment research and fixed income investment research, which is also common stock investment and bond investment. Whether the investment research team is strong or not is closely related to the overall performance of the company.Also, fund managers.For fund products, especially actively managed fund products, the fund manager plays a crucial role. His ability circle determines the performance of fund products and the ability to control withdrawal. The role of star fund managers is obvious to all.Finally, innovation.For fund companies, with the rapid development of the financial management market, their innovation ability keeps pace with The Times, and whether they can meet or keep up with the innovation demand of the market often becomes a symbol of determining the strength of fund companies.(6) “Skier” according to the picture, according to the latest data, Fortune sorted out some “skier” as follows:Founded in 2001, the latest total amount of public offering management reached 1.67 trillion yuan, among which the non-real scale reached 1.23 trillion yuan. It is also the only non-real scale fund company with over one trillion yuan. Its clients include individual investors, social security funds, pension funds, large financial institutions, overseas central banks and other institutional investors.The simple average annualized net value growth rate of its active equity public offering fund since its inception is 16.20%, far exceeding the 2.44% annualized growth rate of the Shanghai Composite Index in the same period.The accumulated historical returns of the three earliest public funds of the company all far exceeded the rise of Shanghai Stock Exchange A-index during the same period. Among them, the accumulated net value of Efang Dakexiang Mixture increased by more than 45 times and the annualized returns exceeded 20%.In August 2018, Efonda received the first batch of pension target fund approval from China Securities Regulatory Commission.?In November 2021, Efunda Fund Company received the first batch of approval documents for the THEME fund of BSE.The company’s Zhang Kun, Xiao Nan and other market top flow fund managers.Icbc Credit Suisse Fund: As the flagship of domestic banking fund companies, ICBC Credit Suisse has outstanding comprehensive strength. By the end of 2021, the total asset management scale has exceeded 1.72 trillion yuan, including the pension scale over 640 billion yuan, ranking first in the industry for many consecutive years. The scale of public offering and public offering non-goods also ranks top 10 in the industry.By the end of 2021, icbc Credit Suisse’s active equity fund has achieved a return rate of 207.15% in the past three years, ranking first among large and medium-sized equity companies.In the past ten years, the return rate of fixed income funds is 105.66%, ranking the top three among large fixed income companies. Its “fixed income +” fund (excluding the new fund established in 2021) has reached an average annual return rate of 6.18% since its establishment.Icbc Credit Suisse has a large number of outstanding fund managers, including zhao Bei, Yuan Fang, Du Yang and Yan Yao in the field of equity, Du Haitao, Ouyang Kai and He Xiuhong in the field of solid income, all of whom are top-stream fund managers in the market and have a moderate management scale.China Asset Management: the management scale is close to one trillion yuan, the latest ranking of the second, its index fund sector development outstanding, index fund scale ranked the first in the industry, in the past three years index fund scale increment is the largest, close to 200 billion yuan, among which the non-goods ETF scale increased 152.9 billion yuan.Data show that from 2018 to 2021, China Amc’s revenue increased from 3.7 billion yuan to 8 billion yuan, and its net profit increased from 1.1 billion yuan to 2.3 billion yuan, both of which have seen double growth.Gf Fund Management: GF Fund Management Co., Ltd. was established on August 5, 2003, and is the 30th fund management company established in the industry.The company and its subsidiaries have such business qualifications as public fund management, domestic entrusted investment manager of social security fund, securities investment management agency of basic endowment insurance fund, specific client asset management, fund investment consultant, etc. It is a large-scale fund management company with comprehensive asset management ability and experience.As of December 31, 2021, the company manages assets of more than one trillion yuan, and manages 295 open-end funds, as well as several specific client asset management portfolios, social security fund portfolios and pension fund portfolios.Xing Zheng Global Fund:Founded in 2003, Although the number of fund products is small, the fund management scale of Xingsecurities Global Fund Company is close to 600 billion yuan, ranking top in the whole industry, and its strength in equity investment can not be underestimated. According to data from Haitong Securities, during the ten years from January 4, 2012 to December 31, 2021,Xing Securities Global Fund ranked second among the 64 funds with a return of 479.83%, and the company’s Xie Zhiyu and Dong Chengfei are market top flow fund managers.How’s that?With these “skiers” on your back, why are you worried?

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