The Double Ninth Festival fourteen poems

“Double Ninth Collection” fourteen (poetry) Yu Hui does not make the world of mortals, and books as companions of the most ecstasy.The world is small, lonely and dusk.Autumn wind remnant leaves fall cold pond, fall all red makeup study light makeup.Good to the human character, the annual chongyang.When the rain comes, xiao Zhai is as silent as silk.Ten years to a dream, cut the candle south window.Acacia overnight white hair, lazy to be dawn moths.Face makeup mirror without thinking, curse voice unfaithful qiao enemy.The youth’s spirit is worn away, his hair is silky black.The world since ancient few bosom friends, life has met more.Shade all over the water pavilion, the sea crease red luo.How many lives can there be?The sun and moon fly like shuttles.I have a lot of worldly experience and enjoy sitting by the stream.Gonggeng do not ask the official family affairs, the wise and foolish do not divide him and me.Idle cross jian donkey, drunk with a pot of wine.Twenty miles into the mountain, snow plum blossom road.Come back to the hut, have leisure heart self-sufficient.Walk pen couplet poem, feel the sun will dusk.Lying alone on the river floor, the midnight dream broken.Sad front qu, Sima tears more wind cool, lotus dream.Clear sky clouds without volume, warm wind without waves.Bottle open a pot of wine, carousing yan makeup.And Sue back to the boat, drunk old West Lake swing Xi Shi beauty can pour Wu, high zai Fan Li pan five lakes.If you don’t go fishing in a boat, doctor Chu will die.Night in the west wind eagle osprey fly, the central plains one cloth clothes.Do unknown friends know me?Climbing up the stairs is like a ladder.River’s lake storm dream, the man did not make fishing weng.And to the river head lying in the evening, catkin flying white snow lotus wind.Melancholy old love like a dream, feel to nowhere to pursue.A bitter rain hate hard to ban, yellow leaves autumn wind urging frequency.Tossing and turning thoughts, turned into endless bitter cause.Take a mirror suddenly see white hair invasion, who send yuanyujin in the clouds.– Xijiangyue melancholy old love like a dream

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