The average person in Fuzhou receives 6197 yuan in red envelopes during the Spring Festival?Citizens have something to say!

How much money did you receive in red envelopes this year?A “map of red envelopes in Fujian” has been widely circulated on the Internet recently.According to the information on the picture, the per capita amount of red envelopes in Putian ranks first in Fujian province, reaching 21,392 yuan. Fuzhou ranks fifth with 6,197 yuan and Longyan ranks last with 1,954 yuan.So, is fujian’s hongbao income really as “average” as shown on this “hongbao map”?The reporter interviewed several citizens at random in the street.Guo, 17, a native of Fuzhou, received 600 yuan in red envelopes of 300 yuan each from her mother and her grandmother this Spring Festival.”I will save the money and use it for college,” guo said.When asked about fuzhou’s data on the red envelope map, she said, “The amount is a little too high.”I’m too old to get red envelopes. I’m the one who gives them.”A Putian man surnamed Tang told the reporter that he returned to his hometown this year and gave a total of more than 10,000 yuan in red envelopes during the holiday.When the reporter showed him the “red envelope map” showing the per capita income in Putian, he suggested that the amount might be slightly too high.”In fact, the main money will be a little more to the old people in the home, children are generally hundreds of hundreds of ground to, more than 20,000 a little high.””We have 500 to 1,000 yuan at a time.”Ms Chen is a native of Ningde.According to her, at the peak of ningde, a person can get 3,000 yuan, but generally not more than 3,000 yuan.”But the exact amount varies depending on the income of each family.”Then, where does the data of “fujian red envelope map” come from?Are the numbers real?Reporters on Sina Weibo questioned several netizens who had sent the picture in an attempt to find its origin, but failed.Some netizens said that the pictures had been circulating on the Internet for several years, but this year the discussion was more popular on Weibo.The so-called “red envelope map”, just look at Le Le.What’s more, the red envelope is the expression of the heart and good wishes for peace and auspice in the New Year. No matter how much money is given, it will do.The article was transferred from Fujian Daily

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