Blockbuster!The Industrial Internet Institute of THE Chinese Academy of Information and Communication (CIIT) has entered into cooperation with Shuqin Technology

In January 2022, the Chinese institute of information and communication (hereinafter referred to as “China mail tunnels”) industrial institute of Internet and Internet of things and the zhejiang number qin technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “number of qin technology”) reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides will jointly promote the spark, chain network block chain operation of the industrialization of the new infrastructure and ecological construction,Play an important role as a bridge and link between government industry departments, industry organizations and application enterprises.China mail tunnels yuan industrial institute of Internet and Internet of things and the number of qin technology will closely around their advantages business pilot cooperation, led by China mail tunnels court block chain of the construction of the state infrastructure – “the spark, chain network”, using several qin technology in the field of justice, finance, double carbon block chain store of experience and technology accumulation,Jointly promote the improvement of “Spark · chain network” system and the integrated development of chain network, and jointly provide high-quality digital services for market customers.The two sides will jointly carry out blockchain salons, summits, competitions, training and other related activities, actively build communication channels, expand the demonstration effect of application cases, open up the channel for the transformation of blockchain application achievements, and strive to form a trans-regional, cross-industry, win-win, shared and co-built ecological cooperation model of blockchain.”The spark, chain network” to make our country independent controllable network identity, providing innovative solutions industry digital transformation, promote the development of the digital economy, under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the special support, jointly by China mail tunnels court of Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, unicom group jointly build the national chain block new infrastructure.”Spark · Link network” is a key measure to support the development of the digital economy, which will provide strong support for the building of the two “powerful countries”.Since its official launch in August 2020, the construction of spark · Link network has achieved initial results.The super node of “Spark · Chain network” has been signed in Chongqing, Beijing, Jinan and Xiamen, and the trial operation test of online operation has been completed in Shenyang, and wuhan has been officially launched.The construction of backbone nodes is accelerating. In 2021, more than 20 backbone nodes will be evaluated, and four backbone nodes will be put into trial operation online.The scale and influence of “Spark · Link network” are constantly expanding, which has been widely recognized and developed in the industry, and has strongly supported the digital transformation work of various regions and industries.The Institute of Industrial Internet and Internet of Things (IIOT) is a comprehensive RESEARCH and development institution established at the end of 2018 by the China Academy of Information and Communication (CAIT) in order to deeply implement the national Innovation and development strategy of industrial Internet, promote industrial digital transformation and upgrading, and accelerate independent innovation of core technologies.Shuqin Technology is one of the first block chain enterprises and quasi-unicorn enterprises in Hangzhou registered by the Cyberspace Administration of China, and a leading digital service enterprise in China.As one of the earliest block chain technology start-ups, consistent commitment to focus on “block chain + big data” field, deep legal, financial, big data, double carbon field, launched the first commercial domestic intellectual property service platform – security network, at the same time also is “the first case of the national chain block exists” exclusive technical support,There are a large number of judicial precedents based on preservation chain and network from the Supreme Court, the provincial High Court, the Middle Court and the basic courts.In 2021, the “research and demonstration application of intelligent financial service platform based on cross-domain massive data sharing and privacy protection” undertaken by Shuqin Technology, together with the other two projects that participated in the declaration, was approved as the “Vanguard” and “Leading Goose” R&D project of Zhejiang Province, and participated in the successful declaration of a number of national blockchain innovative application pilot projects.

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