Pan Yue-ming secretly revealed “Day and night chasing fierce 2” the news of five years as expected to come……

Finally, it’s you, the second part of “Day and Night” is on its way.”The director has contacted him, he has received the message, and he has read the script, which is very good,” Pan said in a recent interview.Fans will be delighted to hear the news, as it has been almost five years since the show aired.The drama brought pan yuoming back to the top after a long silence.One person plays two characters and they are twins, and they have to wear the same clothes.Pan yueming has proved his acting skills. After watching the first episode, the audience can tell who is the elder brother and who is the younger brother even after skipping the episode.In 2017, Day and Night came out of nowhere.Douban scored 9.0 points out of more than 500,000.Rigorous layout, rigorous reasoning, wonderful performance, the domestic suspense network drama to a new level.Later, “The Hidden Corner” and “The Silent Truth” of “The Fog Theater” were also constantly compared with “Day and Night”, which shows the benchmarking significance of “Day and Night”.There have been questions about a second or sequel ever since.Pan yueming is also famous again for his role in the TV series “Night and Day”.It is said that Pan Yue-ming had participated in the variety show of “Crossover song King” before he played “Chasing fierce in the Night”. It is also because he went to participate in this variety show that he had the opportunity to play “Chasing Fierce in the night”.Coincidentally, Yuan Yumei, the producer of “Night and Day”, saw Pan’s performance in “Crossover Singer king” and recalled some of pan’s previous works and roles. She thought she could see two different personalities in Pan.In the movie, Guan Hongfeng and Guan Hongyu are twins with completely different personalities, and Pan yueming brings the characters of the two brothers to life with his acting skills.It is reported that the twin brothers, in fact, have two characters, so Pan Yueming is equivalent to acting four characters.The first, the white night after fierce GuanHongFeng and hong-yu guan is a policeman, one is the police to track down the escaped prisoner, but hong-yu guan is the real murderer is not metasomatism in the first, and in the white night after fierce near the end of the first part, seems to be the target of the murderer when police brother GuanHongFeng.It is reported that “Day and night chase fierce” the second season or the original cast, director: Wang Wei;Screenwriter: fingerprint;Starring: Pan Yueming.”Day and Night chase fierce” there is also an actor is we particularly like, that is, as the temper of the police Zhou Patrol Wang Longzheng, small partners still remember him?He was also very impressive in the first film of The Night and Day.Later, Wang Longzheng and Li Yifeng, Jin Chen together starred in the TV series “Secret and great”, in the play Wang Longzheng as smooth, sophisticated, nothing love to chew chicken legs rub ma will two director of the Shanghai Police Department, in fact, is an excellent Communist party member, but also Li Yifeng spiritual industry faith on the guide.There are scenes with Takemasa Wang, who is always chewy.Wang Longzheng in “secret and great” as director of the summer from the “White night chasing fierce” released from the second part of the poster, Pan Yue-ming and Wang Longzheng two people will cooperate again, I believe will also bring us different wonderful.Are you looking forward to the release of the second part of “Day and Night”?Tip: Support ← → arrow page turning

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