Catch early catch early!Today 14 state-owned enterprises are holding hands with her

Catch early catch early!Today (29th), Xuhui District signed a new round of strategic cooperation agreement with 14 state-owned enterprises such as Lingang Group, Shanghai Yidian And Shanghai Tech Group to vigorously develop the new business structure focusing on the “five economy”.To build a 400 billion-yuan strategic industrial cluster for digital economy, life and health, culture and creativity, and modern finance — we will expand and deepen cooperation on key links such as BUILDING research and development platforms, developing generic technologies, and demonstrating scenarios and applications, accelerate industrial agglomeration, and enhance the cohesion, source power, and traction force of industrial development.At the same time, we will strive to seize new tracks such as the meta-universe and green and low-carbon development, seek new growth and create new variables, and build a higher-level, more dynamic and more sustainable industrial ecosystem.Lingang Group and other state-owned enterprises participating in the signing will focus on deepening the development of Xuhui characteristic industrial park and building the booster and engine of xuhui industrial level promotion.For example, the space quality of caohejing and other key parks will be optimized, supporting services will be improved, and work-housing balance and industrial structure will be optimized.At the same time, we will vigorously promote the construction of characteristic industrial parks such as Aerospace, Qiaogao Complex, Beiyang Artificial Intelligence Town, and Life Blue Bay, and accelerate the formation of new characteristic industrial parks with coordinated development of industrial elements and urban functions.In 2021, the GDP of Xuhui District increased by 8.1%, further strengthening the resilience and vitality of economic development.We will focus on industrial agglomeration to build new engines for economic growth.The “five-type economy” is gaining momentum — an innovation-oriented economy, which leads development with scientific and technological innovation. Original technological innovation keeps emerging. Last year, China’s r&d expenditure accounted for 9% of GDP, and the number of invention patents per 10,000 people was 131, ranking first in the city.Service economy: Last year, the revenue of modern service industry reached more than 400 billion yuan, up 25% year on year;Headquarter-based economy, 10 new regional headquarters of multinational companies and 7 new foreign-funded R&D centers;China’s open economy, actively integrated into the Yangtze River Delta integration and other national strategies, achieved a year-on-year growth of 14% in total foreign trade.The flow-oriented economy takes digital transformation as the starting point to strengthen the online new economy and expand the flow effect of consumption. The total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 15.2% year on year.Four strategic industrial clusters in the region have been upgraded and achieved double-digit growth synchronously.Among them, the artificial intelligence industry cluster is the only one of the first batch of strategic emerging industry clusters in Shanghai and has been commended by The State Council.The signing of the contract with the state-owned enterprise will also actively explore the win-win cooperation mode between the district and enterprises, deepen cooperation in urban renewal, industrial agglomeration, park construction and other aspects.This year, Xuhui will further accelerate the pace of urban renewal, focusing on optimizing the urban functions.Major industrial projects of 1.45 million square meters are planned to be started and 1.1 million square meters will be completed. The “four battles” of Xujiahui, Xuhui Binjiang, Cao Development and Huajing will be well fought to improve the overall development level of the region.At the same time, we will improve transport functions, build a comprehensive and three-dimensional modern transport network, strengthen “micro-governance” of road transport, install elevators on five pedestrian Bridges including Wanping Road, add 300 shared parking berths, 2,000 public berths, and 300 public charging piles.Dredge branch microcirculation, create space compound, all age friendly slow driving environment.Author: Gu Yiqiong Editor: Zhang Xiaoming Responsible editor: Lu Yifeng

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