Emergency science | explanation: unsafe factors of forest steppe fire!

Since the spring, dry things dry, forest grassland fire prevention work and to an important period, we must improve the awareness of fire prevention, when it comes to fire safety, we will think of spring tillage before burning straw, fire burning, outdoor play, qingming sacrifice…A slight carelessness will cause forest grassland fire, resulting in inestimable loss, now, let us learn together to understand the unsafe factors that cause forest grassland fire!– China Forest Fire Protection — Contribution email: yjglbslxfj@163.com Platform published content, reprint please note the source — producer — Yang Wenling, Wang Xue, Editor — Zhang Jie, Fan Liang, Zhuang Shenlin, Wang Liu Jin, Hu Yu, Yang Guo, Lin Tong, Peng Cheng, Hu Xiang, this issue editor — Sun Haojie

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