See star draws “light makeup” the importance that just understands powdery bottom, pardonable makeup look is delicate and elegant return nature

The title of star is an extremely dazzling halo, which carries the power of idols.Although there are many stars in the entertainment industry, few of them can give their fans a correct guide to their values.Especially the so-called female stars, most of them want to make money by hook or crook, can make small series really like the female stars.Qi Wei is one of them.Qi Wei is a person who has a positive outlook and is courageous.He has no idol baggage at all.He is often photographed without makeup, but his delicate features are really pleasing to the eye, especially when he is wearing makeup. He is exquisite and elegant, and every photo is perfect.This shows qi Wei makeup skills superb place.To this end, xiaobian also specially looked back at Qi Wei’s makeup video teaching, after seeing that they did wrong for many years.No wonder Qi Wei’s makeup is delicate and natural, especially the makeup steps, really benefit.It turns out that using lotion as a base before making up can make the skin fresh and hydrated, and the makeup look is smooth, without the problem of sticking powder and floating powder.No wonder xiaobian before the makeup is always fake, will soon be oxidized motty.It is not only the problem of liquid of foundation so, still have very big concern with skin bottom.After trying the method of Qi Wei, the makeup is really more natural, makeup is more lasting and natural.Learn endless, especially to make up, often a small detail can decide the success or failure of make up, and the problem of mottled floating powder was solved.However, for a sophisticated and long-lasting look, a good foundation is of course the key.Faced with so many brands of foundation and different prices, it is not easy to choose the right product to use.But today, everyone is blessed, because in xiaobian years of trying, there is such a foundation, let xiaobian have unlimited desire to buy back, and the price is very affordable, is this image beauty foundation, it is a product with skin effect, many users are full of praise for it.This foundation contains a variety of herbal extracts, which are not only very mild in nature, but also hydrating and controlling oil.After using, also need not worry can cause burden to skin, powdery is delicate and easy to push, concealer ability medium slant go up.After evenly applied, light and breathable, there is a feeling of naked makeup.For common acne on the face, acne marks, spots and other flaws can be perfect cover, so that skin white and delicate makeup.After skin conditioning, makeup will not card powder, floating powder, unsatisfied.And the anti-oxidation effect is very good, after use will not appear false white and other problems, so that delicate makeup more lasting natural.In the choice of foundation liquid is, xiaobian suggested to choose and skin close to the color, so that the makeup is more natural, so as to echo their temperament.The moisturizing oil control effect of foundation liquid can also make makeup lasting without mottling and avoid the embarrassing situation of taking off makeup and oxidation.The reason why this foundation liquid can be sought after by the majority of netizens is because of its super concealer ability, and super long time to hold makeup.And the oily skin sisters hold makeup for a long time, there will be cream muscle texture, really good, so want to talk light makeup sisters, this foundation liquid is really worth getting.

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