Cadres and cadres of Luhong City join forces to ensure “safety” and “smooth flow”

Today’s Yongzhou news (correspondent Li Yina) Luhong town is located in the central area of Dongan County, which is the transportation hub connecting the townships within the county. It is the end of the old lunar calendar, and the traffic pressure is doubled.In order to facilitate the residents to travel, in recent days, the Luhong town Party Committee government organized village cadres, traffic police, police stations and other departments together, to the front line, careful deployment, strict law enforcement, hit the traffic regulation “combination fist”, to ensure the smooth road, guarantee residents to travel.One is redeployment.Divided into 20 groups, the leadership of the pack, stick to the important roads and town crossings, maintain traffic order, stop traffic laws and regulations.Second, focus on priorities.We will highlight key road sections, such as S236 and S238 intersections and market town intersections, which are prone to traffic congestion over the years. We will arrange key police forces and carry out traffic police shift system to ensure timely traffic congestion.Third, strict law enforcement.We will take strict measures to deal with the most dangerous behaviors, such as running red lights and going on the wrong side of the road, as soon as they are found, and crack down on them properly. We will severely punish such illegal behaviors as riding without helmets and carrying passengers on tricycles, so as to encourage residents to form good traffic habits and lay a solid foundation for safety.Fourth, we will promote results.Strengthen supervision and inspection, the town discipline inspection department assigned persons responsible for the patrol patrol, investigate dereliction of duty, lack of posts and other style problems.At the same time, the good practices and good cadres emerged in the town on duty to ensure effectiveness.

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