Fact: Are female figure skaters cold in miniskirts?

According to the rules, women must wear short skirts and the decorations on their costumes must be imtachable. If rhinestones and other accessories fall onto the ice, they will not only pose a danger, but also lose points.Men’s attire must be long trousers with long sleeves, but not tight trousers.Men’s clothing weight should not exceed 850 grams, women’s clothing weight should not exceed 350 grams.These are the rules that contestants must follow, or they will be penalized.So the question is, is it cold for figure skaters to wear this kind of clothes?First, let’s take a look at the indoor situation of the arena. The international figure skating arena must be covered with a roof, and the indoor temperature is required to reach 15℃.If we look at the ice, the thickness of the ice is 4.5 to 6 centimeters. What about the temperature?According to the official information, the ice making technology of the Beijing Winter Olympics adopts the current world’s top technology. Under the ice surface, there are environment-friendly ice making pipes. The temperature of the ice surface is from -3.5℃ to -4℃, which is the only way to ensure that the ice will not melt.When asked by the media whether they were cold, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong answered “no”.Why is that?Before the competition, they warm up. When they get to the stadium, they focus on the competition with the music and dance movements, ignoring the cold and forgetting its existence.When the game was over, it was the easiest time to catch cold. The staff hurriedly covered them with thick cotton-padded clothes.Winter Olympic athletes selfless fighting spirit, throughout the whole competition, it is the courage to fight for the country’s spirit, let our Beijing Winter Olympic Games, forever engraved in the history of sports.

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