“Regret into the pit of major” list: medicine is expected to be listed, teachers major is how it happened

Statistics show that as of June 2019, China had 506 undergraduate majors, which students can fill out according to their scores, interests and hobbies.Just, professional optional sex is too much, for some at a loss to the development of students in the future, what does not seem to be good, everybody when enter oneself for an examination because of insufficient professional knowledge, hard to avoid can appear carry presbyopia or follow suit to enter oneself for an examination, the last struggle to struggle, just chose a few thought about development is good, or more popular professional.However, although the major is popular and sounds promising, it is not suitable for all students, and even many students still regret it after four years of long and in-depth study.University “regret pit major” list: normal, medical majors both appear on the list before the graduates voted for the university “regret pit major”, hoping to give some advice to the younger students in the confused period, among which medical majors are expected to appear on the list, so what is going on in normal major?You may wish to understand.While we all know that studying medicine can be tough, many parents don’t realize that the average medical student can also have a hard time getting a job.At present, the recruitment requirements of most large hospitals in first-tier and second-tier cities are basically graduate students. If you want to enter third-tier hospitals, you need to have a doctor’s degree to knock on the door of their recruitment. Ordinary undergraduates can only enter the primary medical system, or simply change careers.In other words, for students of other majors, four years of college is the “end”, but for students of medicine, five years of undergraduate education is just the “beginning” of their career.The high time cost, mentality cost and economic cost inevitably differ from what students expected at first.Therefore, “advise people to study medicine, thunder strikes” this sentence, will be widely spread in the medical field, after all, doctors can be seen by outsiders, but only they understand the suffering of the past.Speaking of surveying and mapping major, students will think of “high-end”, “high salary” and other words, so every year there are many candidates to run for these advantages to register, hoping to rely on their own strong professional degree to obtain an ideal job after graduation.But the reality is that graduates either put down roots in the field or move bricks on construction sites, working in tough conditions and only getting a break when the weather is not perfect, which is the opposite of what they want to be.Many students who grew up in the honey pot were bluntly “discouraged” during the internship process, and even after graduation, they are not willing to engage in this kind of work and turn to other related positions.Before the advent of the double reduction policy, teachers’ major was the “heart of love” in the eyes of parents, with good welfare, high social status and stable job. Even if they could not enter the civil service, they could become a teacher in education and training institutions.However, with the gradual implementation of the education reform, the business situation of relevant industries “sharply deteriorated”, and many education and training practitioners have become one of the unemployed.In this way, it is understandable that teachers’ major can be listed.In addition, countries now although is gradually improving teachers’ salary, but also has higher request to the applicant, qualification, professional and experience all become the standards, combined with teaching culture researchers in teacher career, students want to exit talk easy, so there is also a graduate said: ask enter oneself for an examination is very regret!According to a poll of graduates, the major that caused students’ regret had the following characteristics.Above all, when entering oneself for an examination at the beginning, it is “sunrise period”, professional obtain employment face is wide, the future is considerable, but as policy changes or industry begins to decline, relevant enterprise opens post already saturated, students after four years again “enter”, can be immersed in job hunting difficult problem, such as the major such as accounting, business administration.Second is too hot, the future professional development is very significant, the students seem to enter oneself for an examination after “volume”, not only the score threshold is far too high, even cover the threshold is too “outstanding”, if the students do not have high strength, as a “springboard” or to colleges, the employment space is very narrow.Finally, students have too high expectations for their major when they register for the exam, or do not know the specific situation at all, and only find it does not match their interests and development direction after entering the school. Then they can only regret their choice while learning painfully.For students who are about to face the 22-year college entrance examination, especially those who will take the college entrance examination under the “new college entrance examination” mode, the matching of majors should be considered when registering for the examination.The match said here is not only with the students’ discipline, professional match, but also with the examinee’s family situation, career development direction and hobbies to match, remember too idealistic, imagination.Additional, everybody also should value the rate of change course of study that major pair of mouth works, industry condition undertakes again enter oneself for an examination, cannot see only at the moment “bonus”, perhaps be taken by other classmate run slant then enter oneself for an examination blindly oh.Interactive topic: What other major do you think you will regret after finishing?

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