The past is like floating clouds, the past is preface chapter, learn to let go, all the pain will be cured in the years

Today, one of my friends contacted me suddenly and asked me, “Look, I have not posted on wechat moments for a long time, has nothing happened recently?”It took me a long time to find out that I had really not sent circle of friends for a long time. I remember that I was so keen on releasing dynamic information, sharing life and mood in circle of friends.Sometimes feel not to share some things, as if life is lack of some due color.Only after a long time of no hair, I found that there was no loss in not sharing life, life would continue normally, and there was no loss or regret in life.I suddenly found that a lot of things that I once thought were very important in my life, when I look back after many years, I will find that they are just like this. They don’t seem so important and can’t be lost.A book once read, for the story of the book, but when busy for a period of time, remember that did not finish the book, the kind of compulsive feeling, it seems that no longer so strong.There are so many things, such as the sweat on the ball and the ecstasy in the game. I used to be so obsessed with them, but after a long time, it doesn’t seem so intoxicating anymore.In fact, life is so, there are too many people and things, once thought would be full of life, don’t feel the life, lost the meaning of existence, finally also in the passage of time, gradually forgotten and understand that nothing is irreplaceable and forget, no man can’t be lost, lost the life will still continue.Once a friend, because the girlfriend merciless leave, then hysterical a person in the rain, a big man, crying like a child, so sad, so helpless.In order to retrieve that lost love, not hesitate to hurt their own body, but even if it is so humble, still did not stop the back of the girl left.At that moment, he felt his life was over, with the girl who left, all the joy and happiness has been washed away by the rain.Disheartened and uninteresting.Only after many years, when I saw him again, he was happily holding his wife and their child in his arms. His eyes were full of warmth, and his mouth smiled with joy and happiness that could not be hidden.See his happiness I know, once that pain, should have been in his heart.And the girl he had hurt himself to retain, but also eventually in the passage of time, in his memory gradually faded, perhaps leaving only a memory of the past, occasionally think of no pain.He said that it was just a throb in his youth, now he no longer miss, do not hate, and some may only be a thank you.Thanks to her once leave, just have his today and happy encounter.Met a real understand me, hurt me, love him.No matter how life is so, life is always to continue, will not because of who’s departure, is not in the life, once love it or loathe it, after all just a short life of the past, the past will gradually become far, until one day can’t see far, far to think of, it takes a long memory.Life has too many blind trees, those obsessed with the persistent, heart and eyes have been sealed up, can not see Mount Tai, more can not see the wonderful sinking in the abyss, sometimes feel, maybe it is those things and those people leave, life becomes more colorful and beautiful.Life is a long journey, this life will meet a lot of things, meet a lot of people, and for those who have been unable to give up the people and things, will eventually in the passage of time, gradually into a light wind, float away.Life will have a lot of beautiful and wonderful, the only need to learn is to let go and let go.Down, relax, really calm and quiet, and then can real understand, past is prologue, the past clouds, the more memory space for joy, and happiness in the happiness of life, optimistic and easy to experience the upcoming life, so, to meet more happiness and goodness.I am you gu, like to use words to communicate with you life and life sentiment, if you like, please like, follow, forward oh, thank you all.Pictures from the network, infringement delete!

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