These net red earliest play sword net three!Xian so-and-so on the list, Qian Gu impressive

Sword net 3 since the public test has been 12 years, even if it is the number of zodiac also counted a whole round.In such a long span of operation time, the natural emergence of many red extremely for a time of romantic figures and star players.These players may have stunts or become famous for certain events.The following author will take you to understand the biggest name, sword three players most familiar with that group of “net red” players.Because of “Cangyun Baba” and the fire of mu Bang Lord “in jianwang three, Beggars bald donkey, Tang Men yellow chicken, Wanhua seven show and husky”.Mu Bang Lord must mention its famous work “Cang Yun Baba”.Its lyrics are too brainwashing and comic effect is full, often as the sword three post bar resident solitaire game segment appeared.The Cangyunmen school also thrives because of this song.Have to say mu help Lord himself is really talented, the follow-up launch of “help Lord raking point file” has been maintained in the sword of three tongren works in the highest number of the echelon.Into has played havoc also played havoc, however, because of too much pursuit show effect, “wang steak at” deliberately distorted many material characters of the image, and many times without authorization based on net friend tree hole story by official Po permanent Ban the permissions, gradually disappeared from public view, B station video updates also stopped in 2018, so far no answer.Each time, a new discovery of the original name of sin sin.In that era of the sword net three voice control, with a unique voice popular.The beginning is to help soak up the main recording JJC video, after the frequent linkage with other star players and anchors, popularity rises.However, the poor management of their own people, both corrupt and homophobic very split, and for the effect of the program to affect the work and life of other anchors, resulting in poor perception of passers-by, but at least the basic fans are still stable.The turning point that really leads to its popularity big slide is in the official activities of sword net triple plate making, late and early leave play big brand, perfunctory attitude appears on paper.And as a contract anchor of sword net three, every live broadcast to meet the end of the activity immediately open to eat chicken, and finally the basic plate is destroyed.Since then, all kinds of black spots in the post bar mushroomed in general, post bar even has a more than 20,000 replies to the special building update its black material, each update black material has been jian three bar friends dubbed xx home, and the new goods.My story is not money, but to tears qian Gu mentioned qian Gu I’m afraid the old players are all engraved on my heart, Qian Gu’s post bar name is called my story is not money, because in post bar writing and famous.It is irresponsible to say that almost every player who went into a pit in the ’80s and’ 90s has read her stories.She first came into people’s attention in 2012, and has created 8 popular stories such as “Once upon a Time there was a Valley, The Valley was Full of Flowers”, “Jianghu”, “No One Keeps An Appointment” and so on.The most famous one was never turned into a date and was even adapted into a radio play.Because the tone of the story is mainly sad and beautiful love, sweet with knife, laugh with tears, has been a large number of players sought after and attention.However, after the release of the eighth story in November 2013, Meet and Say Goodbye, Both in the Most Beautiful Time, the player story came to an end and disappeared.It was not until 2017 that the opening of a new pit occasionally appeared. A Piece of ice heart in Jade Pot has been cut off in the middle of the writing until now, and has completely become a legend in the rivers and lakes.It can be said that a large part of the memories of many players of Swordnet iii come from these vivid faces and their stories.Although jiangshan generation has talent, but the old players are always nianjiu, so such as mu Help Lord, money gu and others in the post bar is still someone mentioned, constantly to future generations amway.Perhaps this is also one of the unique charms of Jianwang Three, which has the most dynamic fan culture in China.

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