How useful is the Apple Watch?So many foreign wear, domestic is very rare

Foreigners do wear Apple Wate a lot, but if you happen to be in a neighborhood with a lot of iPhone users, it’s easy to get the illusion.In the first half of last year, the number of Apple Watch users surpassed 100 million.WatchOS accounts for more than half of all wearable operating systems.The problem is that only 51.4 percent of the world’s population has access to the Internet.The people who have access to the Internet also include those who have access to the Internet only in theory.That means if you have Internet access, the people around you are in the 51.4%!That puts Apple Watch ownership at roughly one in 30 people worldwide with Internet access.It’s a little weird, but it’s the truth.And this trend will become more and more obvious, as most people pay more attention to health data, it is believed that more and more people will own their own wearable devices.Apple Watch has irreplaceable advantages. To be honest, not to mention the synergy of multiple devices, even the strong ecosystem of watchOS has given Apple Watch an absolute advantage.

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