“Nagi’s New life” : Just let me enjoy this moment of free time!

Today, I would like to recommend a Japanese drama to you. After watching it, my mood is: whatever it is, whatever it is!Happy is the most important thing!The show is “the 凪 new life,” the show is about tying 凪 big island as a 28-year-old career women, nice personality, she a company in Tokyo had a stable but also boring life, in a faint woke up, she began to reflect on their life, decided to quit her job, boyfriends, return to rent, cut off all the past, start life again.Nagi Oshima, the woman who has always been known to “read people’s faces,” has become the nicest woman in the workplace.When a colleague makes a mistake on an important occasion, oshima will step forward with a glance.She was often left to work overtime alone, taking on the unfinished work of others.Even if I accidentally found several colleagues who usually “play well” making fun of him in the small group, Oshima just quietly endured.Island and so tend to live day by day, thought can be peaceful, but within a broke the quiet night – the big island’s biggest support, ace is her hands, that is his proud boyfriend I smell, I smell and the big island has been talking about the underground, the big island is a hollow man in the office, is a “post-it”, and I smell is ZhongXingPengYue,It’s also a band-aid for the Big Island.Can be such a prince in his heart, even with colleagues unscrupulous ridicule himself, declared that with her together, but “because of that harmony just.”Oshima, who had overheard all this, fell to the ground as if suffocated.After being sent to the hospital for a week, Oshima resolutely quit his job, put on bedding, rode a bicycle, and decided to start a new life in the countryside.No longer having to get up an hour early, struggling to keep the straight hair her boyfriend loves;No more trying to look like a lady;Go back to your unkempt natural curls and wear a simple but comfortable oversized T-shirt — and let go of the past physically.The new life began with a cramped single room, rented for 30,000 yen a month, with no air conditioning, no furniture and only one big door and window in the empty room.The sun shines in from the outside and into life on the Big Island.Oshima is determined not to look. She is going to do what she wants to do, say what she wants to say, and live as she is.During this brief break, it became an opportunity for Oshima to rediscover herself.Gradually familiar with her neighbors, she used her true self to re-establish a new social circle, began the real sense of social life;Gradually she shed the mask she had worn for so many years, endeavoured to restrain her over-observation, became less cautious;She gradually became able to express her heart correctly, and she tried to make choices according to her true heart. She became happier than before…I think the idea of the show is that we can learn to accept our imperfections and truly love ourselves.Perfection is what the heart desires, but who says that imperfection is not beauty?You are who you are. There is no one like you in this world.Maybe you can’t breathe, maybe you have your own shackles that you can’t escape.Hope you can properly let go of their own, it is better to give yourself a calm small holiday ~ learn to breathe well, love yourself well.

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