Shanghai: man online scold outsiders, only with low work in Shanghai, net friends: no quality

Do you still remember a video on the Internet, when a Shanghai uncle insulted outsiders, this video was forwarded and watched by many netizens at that time, the Shanghai uncle was also everyone out of flesh, and finally the uncle finally apologized and admitted his mistake.Every one of us is equal, but not the upper and lower people, because we all live on this earth, everyone’s rights are the same, we are proud of being Chinese, because our country is strong, can protect us.Especially during the epidemic, the importance of the state can be reflected.And some people have been in the heart of regional discrimination, this group of people always say they are local, look down on migrant workers.Shanghai now belongs to the national epidemic area, and all parts of the country are supporting Shanghai.At present, Shandong province is also a part of the epidemic area. It is still doing its best to help Shanghai by delivering vegetables. Other provinces are also providing all-round help to Shanghai.As a Shanghainese should have a grateful heart, but a Shanghai man went wild and cursed outsiders.It is understood that a video emerged online, a Shanghai man recorded a short video posted online.”I’m a Shanghai native, so I look down on you outsiders,” the man said in the video. “You outsiders can only do low-level jobs in Shanghai, such as cleaning and using malicious language.”In the video, the man speaks in a condescending tone, smoking a cigarette and drinking red wine.After the video was posted online, it attracted the attention and forwarding of many netizens.Some non-local netizens commented: Can you represent Shanghai?Can you speak responsibly?The way you look in the video is that you are a man with no quality. It is a disgrace to Shanghai.Do people in Shanghai look like you?Now you Shanghai epidemic is so serious, eat and drink are donated by our provinces, without us outsiders you would have starved to death, you scum.Some local Shanghai netizens said: “This man can’t represent us Shanghai people, because we Shanghai people are very quality, you can rest assured.Because there are several scum in every place, please do not put all shanghainese down because of scum, we Shanghainese welcome everyone to struggle together in Shanghai, Shanghai needs everyone to build together.The Shanghai man, who abused outsiders, was exposed on the same day by a large number of netizens, who went on his social media platform to abuse the man.When the man saw what had happened, he couldn’t argue with the netizen any more. He could only argue that the video was years ago.But careful netizens noticed that the video was just posted and that the man had deleted all the videos he posted on his social media platform.Lawyer Li’s point of view: As for the man’s behavior, I believe the Shanghai local police will deal with it, and we need to wait for the specific results of the local authorities to announce.Here need to say, now the Majority of Shanghai people grandparents are outsiders to Shanghai after the struggle to stay, everyone grandparents are outsiders, there is nothing to be proud of, so do not need to look down on anyone.The world is so big that there are several scum in every place. Maybe this man is the scum in Shanghai.What do you think about this?Welcome to comment and forward!

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