Sichuan one ground imports fruit masculine

Nanchong issued the No. 23 announcement concerning the epidemic prevention and control policies of Nanchong during the New Year and Spring Festival.New Year’s Day, Spring Festival to (return) south need to quarantine?Nanchong issued no. 23 announcement to (return) South to do nucleic acid testing?Should I quarantine?Qingchuan County, Guangyuan City, Sichuan announced today (December 12) that the novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test of imported fruit (dragon fruit) in Shangpin Supermarket in the urban area was positive in the monitoring of imported goods in Qingchuan County on January 10.Experts say the risk of human infection and transmission is low.Qingchuan county immediately implemented relevant disposal work, temporarily closed shangpin Supermarket, quickly carried out epidemiological investigation, conducted nucleic acid tests on key groups and the supermarket environment, and the test results were negative. Relevant sites have been comprehensively treated with terminal disinfection, and relevant personnel have implemented control measures in accordance with standards.Meanwhile, traceability and tracking of imported dragon fruit from other supermarkets in the county were carried out, and the novel Coronavirus nucleic acid tests were negative.Qingchuan County combined with the emergency response, simultaneous large-scale nucleic acid testing emergency drill.According to the epidemiological investigation and laboratory test results, the expert team of epidemic prevention and control concluded that the novel Coronavirus test positive of the imported fruit was caused by novel Coronavirus contamination of the imported pitaya fruit and its outer packaging, resulting in positive nucleic acid test of novel Coronavirus and low risk of human infection and transmission.Qingchuan county CDC department reminded that the general public do not need to panic, do not rumors, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors.Strictly implement the responsibility of personal and family self-management.Source | qingchuan county center for disease control and prevention

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