The IOC president of Frozen gave a watch to Sun Young-sa last year and this year

During the Tokyo Olympic Games last year, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach not only went to the table tennis arena to cheer for the Chinese team, but also gave sun Yingsha a limited edition watch and exchanged commemorative badges with her.Bach witnessed Chinese alpine skier Xu Mingfu’s downhill breakthrough at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday. After the race, he wished her good luck and gave her a watch, opening the box to show it was a limited edition.Before the Beijing Winter Olympics, no Chinese athlete had been able to climb the Olympic downhill course.Alpine skiing is one of the mogul-based sports, in which downhill and super G are called “speed events”, fast speed, course drop, long length, so the training is very difficult.Before Beijing won the bid for the Winter Olympics, China was far behind the world leaders in alpine skiing and had never even trained in downhill and super G. Speed events were the weakest of the weakest.In order to achieve full competition, Xu Mingfu, who originally focused on alpine skiing technology, also put speed into the focus of the preparation competition.Xu Mingfu, 24, did just that on Sunday, finishing 36th and clocking a top speed of 123.5km per hour. Another Chinese rider, Zhang Yangming, was slightly disappointed when he failed to finish the race after a false start.Still, the two men were the first Chinese athletes to compete in downhill events at the Winter Olympics.Xu mingfu is full of confidence in the future of Chinese alpine skiing. He believes that the first step has been taken and the future will be better and better. If Chinese people are willing to try things at the same starting line, they will be as good as anyone else.Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter: Yang Mintu/People vision Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City editor: Zhou Wanqi

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