The Sixers called in experts to work out a recovery plan, and Nash would only say harden was fine to play the next game

The 76ers won their last game before the All-Star break, beating the defending NBA champion Bucks in a win that came from a tough spot, with embiid showing off his prowess and James Harden beaming from the bench.Harden hasn’t played since he was traded to the Sixers, and even when he hasn’t played, he has helped the team a lot. He is the most special “coach” on the team, imparting all of his decade-plus career experience to his new teammates, especially teaching Maxi how to draw fouls and get to the free throw line.Harden also taught Embiid how to run the step-back three in practice, which Embiid did well against the Bucks.Harden has sat out several games in the Nets, citing hamstring tightness at the time.After being traded to the 76ers, the two sides reached an agreement on the injury, the 76ers wanted harden to continue to be sidelined, and harden waived the All-Star game.It was expected that Harden would immediately put on a Sixers uniform and play, but now that harden has rested for a number of games and continues to rest during the All-Star break, his participation after the all-star break is questionable.The Nets have long suspected that Harden faked his injury, believing that he simply did not want to play for the Nets, Durant is one of those who questioned Harden, but the current situation looks like Harden’s injury is far more serious than expected, hamstring injuries have been recurring this season, which has a lot to do with the play overload.The Sixers, while saying harden would play after the All-Star break, brought in a hamstring specialist to assess the injury.Looking at the extent to which the Sixers have protected Harden, and bringing in a whole new medical team to see that harden’s injury is far more serious than previously thought, the Sixers have asked a hamstring specialist to work on a rehabilitation plan and how to avoid a recurrence of the hamstring, even if he recovers recently.The Sixers have so much respect for Harden that they not only agreed to his request for a minor injury, but also provided him with an entire medical staff, something he didn’t have with the Nets.”I think Harden is ok,” or “Harden is ok, I hope he can play the next game,” Nash would say harden is ok, Harden can play the next game.Nash wants Harden to play 48 minutes a game, but harden is averaging closer to 40 minutes a game, typically overloading. Harden, who has been known as the iron man and played almost every game in his career, has also been injured by Nash.Not only did the Nets’ medical team misdiagnose Harden’s hamstring injury, but it also allowed Joe Harris to undergo a second surgery after recovering from surgery.Joe Harris is almost out of the regular season and has begun consulting with doctors outside the team about his injury.Nash never thought about Harden’s physical condition. He thought harden would play as long as he was alive, and fans took Nash’s oft-repeated statement that Harden was fine as “Harden is not dead.”The Sixers let Harden sit out, and Nash kept playing him, misdiagnosing harden’s recent string of injuries, and now throwing all the dirt at him.Anyone who brings in a medical team to see Harden and someone who just says he’s fine and he’ll play in the next game would choose harden.

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