Two science living in high school, physics, chemistry, English 3 do not understand, how should learn?Give me a tip

A netizen put forward such a question on the platform: my son could not understand three of the six science subjects, and could not understand three of the physics, chemistry and English subjects. Now he is a sophomore in senior high school. How should he learn?Ha ha, please forgive me for laughing unkindly.I am a high school teacher, after seeing this problem, the in the mind have an idea: can this be a net friend in order to be sealed what question officer, deliberately put forward so funny than the problem?Later I thought, it may be true, after all, there are not many parents who understand education, and it is normal for their children to have problems in learning.Based on my working experience and understanding, I would like to put forward some suggestions for the subject, hoping to help you.Timely adjustment of the class, a lot of netizens know, in the second semester of high school began to branch, select a section.1. In provinces and regions that implement the “3+ comprehensive” college entrance examination model, students should choose arts or science.Besides Chinese, mathematics and foreign language, which are compulsory subjects, liberal arts students need to study politics, history and geography.Science students need to study physics, chemistry and biology.2. The provinces and regions implementing the new college entrance examination have two new college entrance examination modes: 3+3 and 3+1+2.The first “3” refers to the number of language, the college entrance examination required subjects.In addition to these three subjects, students can choose three of the six subjects of physics, history, chemistry, biology, geography and politics for the college entrance examination.In this mode, students have more freedom to choose. They can choose either pure literature (politics, history and geography) or pure science (science, chemistry and Biology). They can also break the boundary between arts and sciences and mix the choices, such as physics + geography + biology, history + chemistry + biology, etc.Under the new college entrance examination model, the boundary between liberal arts students and science students has disappeared.Since the subject claimed that his child was a science student, he probably belonged to an area with the traditional college entrance examination model of “3+ comprehensive”, or chose the combination of “physics + chemistry + biology” under the new college entrance examination model.I wondered why physics and chemistry were chosen when choosing a family.To know, Rome wasn’t built in a day, ah, physical chemistry don’t understand, can’t be from the second year in high school just began?Physics is known as outstanding student subject, physics can learn students, intelligence level is very high.If you can’t understand, your child is not cut out for science.According to my understanding, the subject’s child chose science, which may have been influenced by others.As we all know, science has more space than liberal arts in the future, which is a fact.Including the college entrance examination, apply for the future employment, science students do have greater space and more employment opportunities.But, although science department is a few better, but also want to suit suit, seek truth from facts!Therefore, I immediately apply to the school for your suggestion to change from science class to liberal arts class.The college entrance examination is still a year and a half away, everything is still too late!Don’t understand English?Words are wounds!We are all Chinese, listen to putonghua and local dialect, guess there is no problem?Why can we understand Chinese?The reason is that when we were born, we were surrounded by spoken Chinese. After going to school, we began to learn Chinese characters and words one by one, and we could master them well.English and Chinese are both language subjects.Study language kind discipline, do not have what trick, master the word namely, not necessarily can write, but can recognize, can read, can listen is the least requirement.How to master English words?Read more, see more, listen more, remember more.According to the subject, his son does not understand English, enough to see that his English foundation is too weak.English is learned from the third grade of primary school, and in some areas, from the first grade. It is a process of gradual accumulation.Now is a sophomore, English foundation is so poor, make up for the difficulty can be imagined.I would like to give you the following suggestions: 1, from primary school English review, beginning with words, grammar, sentence patterns, to establish a minimum of English thinking habits.Then, three years of junior high school English textbooks to read, to memorize key sentences.2, through some English apps or other ways to train their English listening.Take time to read, watch and listen more to English every day.Wish you progress in study!Qingdao headlines ## Baoding headlines ## I want to headline # I am songzi said education, thanks for reading, code word is not easy, leave a like it ~~

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