Lanzhou Bar Association established a rural revitalization committee

Recently, Lanzhou City Lawyers Association released a list of professional and special committees, among which are rural revitalization (village housing Legal counsel) Legal Committee, ecological protection Committee and Cultural Industry Committee.It is reported that this is a major adjustment made by Lanzhou Lawyers Association on the basis of traditional professional committees to meet the needs of economic and social development, and the practice of setting up a rural revitalization legal professional Committee in the professional committee, taking the lead in the national lawyer industry.According to Chen Can, president of Lanzhou Lawyers Association, the purpose of setting up this professional committee is to make the vast land in the countryside a fertile soil for cultivating legal thinking and strengthening legal spirit.Through the effective organization of the bar association, the professional legal services of lawyers can be brought into the countryside, so that the services can be easily reached, the guarantee can be timely and effective, and every rural population can safeguard their rights in a proper way.Legal services in the countryside, to be able to use the service driven cognitive, active research method, the law and help the rural population to be law-abiding, growing knowledge of the law of the lawyer’s legal service and positive and promoting effect, make legal services “flying off the shelves”, make the rule of law spirit clerkstarts will options, rural revitalization is the power of unity is strength, difficult to overcome.

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