【 Law lecture hall 】 Gao Housekeeper violent wife angered the whole web!Domestic violence is not a family matter!

Recently, a video of domestic violence went viral on the Internet and quickly became a top search, causing netizens’ anger and blaming the couple for quarrelling over trivial matters.In the early morning of January 20th, Shaanxi Airport New Silk Road Trading Co., Ltd. responded to the incident of Wang Pengfei, deputy manager of the company’s general affairs Department, beating his wife, and strongly condemned his domestic violence.After the study and decision of the company, Wang Pengfei was suspended and transferred to the discipline inspection Commission of the Group for further investigation and treatment.The company has sent an official to visit his wife at home.According to the Baqiao branch of Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau, on January 19, our bureau received wang to report to the police: she was at home by her husband Wang flying domestic violence.After receiving the police, the police immediately launched an investigation.After checking, on January 18, two people of husband and wife because of trifles quarrel, Wang fei beat his wife Wang mou.At present, the case is being handled in accordance with the law.Net friend: domestic violence has been punished, zero tolerance!Shaanxi Women’s Federation strongly condemns the abusive behavior of Wang Pengfei, shaanxi province women’s Federation said Wednesday morning.Legal and psychological assistance will be provided according to the needs of victims of violence.What are the common forms of domestic violence?Physical injury, including beating, binding, maiming, restriction of personal liberty.Emotional harm, including constant abuse, intimidation, etc.What are the legal responsibilities for domestic violence?The State prohibits all forms of domestic violence, as stipulated in Paragraph 3 of Article 1042 of the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China.Maltreatment and desertion among family members shall be prohibited.According to article 260 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, maltreatment of a family member if the circumstances are egregious constitutes the crime of maltreatment and shall be punished with a term of imprisonment of not more than two years, public surveillance or criminal detention, or a term of imprisonment of not less than two years but not more than seven years if the crime mentioned in the preceding paragraph causes casualties.According to article 33 of the Anti-Domestic Violence Law of the People’s Republic of China, if the perpetrator commits domestic violence and constitutes an act violating public security administration, he shall be punished for public security administration according to law;If the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.In addition to protecting family members, the domestic violence Law also applies to “persons living together other than family members,” such as cohabiting boyfriends and girlfriends.Domestic violence is the legal grounds for divorce, and the perpetrator usually loses custody of the children.Secondly, according to the provisions of the civil Code, in the division of divorce property, the people’s court can, according to the specific circumstances of the case, determine the proportion of less property of the violator, so as to punish the violator.A person who has suffered domestic violence can seek damages from the abusive party when they divorce.The divorce damages caused by domestic violence include material damages and spiritual damages.3. How to deal with domestic violence?1. Immediately call 110 for help and ask the public security organ to issue a warning and give public security punishment;2. Apply to the court for a writ of habeas corpus;3. Seek help from the nearest village (neighborhood) committee, women’s federation, units of both parties, relatives and friends, and apply for asylum to the Civil Affairs Bureau;4. Apply for legal aid from the Legal Aid Centre of the Justice Department.What evidence should I submit to claim domestic violence?Evidence collection of domestic violence includes but is not limited to: records of alarm, receiving and responding to police;Identification data, hospital medical records and photos of injuries;Audio-visual materials such as sound recording and video recording;The testimony of a neighbor’s witness;Abuser’s guarantee, SMS and wechat records;Women’s federation, community, neighborhood committee or village committee and other organizations, organizations issued by the relevant materials.Domestic violence is not a family matter!Stopping domestic violence is everyone’s responsibility!

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