Ma Fanshu, 28, made her debut on CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala

Presided over this year’s Spring Festival gala lineup is really let a person too surprise, compared with sa beining, sisi, nigel, buy Ren Luyu these gala old man, only 28 marfan comfortable more let everybody be pleasantly surprised and bright eye, although it was Spring Festival gala new host, but her with a steady level of typhoon and beautiful appearance, let marfan shu became the most beautiful sight of the Spring Festival gala,This also lets everybody sigh CCTV aesthetic high-grade again.On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, Ma Fanshu changed a total of three sets of modelling, each set can be called perfect, so today we will take a good look at her these modelling, see what dress skills are we can learn.Style 1: The first set of Chinese red dress dress is this Chinese red dress. When it comes to Spring Festival dress, I believe that the first thing that comes to mind should be Chinese red dress style. Chinese red has its own festive feeling and obvious effect of modifying skin color, which greatly increases the versatility and wearability of color.For Chinese red, simply speaking, it is necessary to choose a matching way of the whole body.That is, the whole body is the color of Chinese red. In details, such as the position of the waist, choose black embellishments, which can well increase the high-level sense of color matching and modify the effect of skin color. And Ma Fanshu’s interpretation of Chinese red is more wonderful.01 modelling sense is too obvious first of all is the modelling sense of dress is very obvious, whether it is the skirt or the profile of the sleeve collar, are fully increased the whole body dress unique and fashion sense, skirt skirt selection of obvious A shape, matching to cover the length of the feet, so that the whole skirt A word has A lot of exaggerated sense,And this can have the effect that decorates waist line to increase whole body modelling balance feeling more.The upper half of skirt outfit chose the modelling of the design that easy gets tie-in bubble sleeve, increased the style feeling that skirt outfit restores ancient ways, and the modelling feeling with obvious shoulder, had the effect that decorates shoulder line more.The ornament of 02 black is window the second wears the black belt that builds window is skirt waist ornament, black serves as the deepest color of the whole body, the position that puts in the waist itself had the effect that decorates waist line and figure proportion, and the position that belt sags naturally to skirt place, more increased the level change feeling of whole body modelling.Ma Fanshu’s second set of modeling is this custom qipao style, qipao because of its own Chinese wind effect, has always been very popular with everyone, plus the qipao can maximize the display of femininity, so it has always been not out of date.The most feminine and elegant qipao style, in fact, is ma Fanshu’s clothes, the whole qipao fitted version in addition to the waist and other parts have a certain amount of loose, so that it can better play the effect of body modification.Favors the design can better modify neck line, for no swan neck of girl, is also a good choice, and the Chinese dress sleeveless style, is a highlight modelling and agile spell able, cuff design but also easy to expose his arms line faults, so the most suitable only for sleeveless cheongsam is slim girls to wear.Modelling 3: the last modelling of Ma Fan of embroider high settle formal attire, although also be the design of formal attire, but the skirt outfit with the first set is having very big difference on the style, whole body matches color more slant the feeling of quietly elegant, add the embroidery design on the garment body, also highlighted the atmosphere feeling with obvious modelling.And the whole dress in the silhouette, but also more dignified atmosphere feeling, drag the floor of the long skirt with umbrella skirt silhouette, increase the elegant sense of dignified dress, with high waist line design, but also play a role in the proportion of the figure modification effect.The square collar and bubble sleeve of the upper body also make the overall shape of the whole clothes more unified. The belt stitching of the waist is also a highlight of the whole shape. The bow shape and ribbon directly sag to the position of the feet, which has a higher effect on the vision.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!

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