Marshal Chen Yi took advantage of the east wind, rain and snow around the wall battlements, firmly trapped the Kuomintang mechanized troops

In 1946, Chiang Kai-shek launched an all-out attack on the liberated areas. After repeated defeats, he decided to spare no expense and play his trump card.This “trump card” was the twenty-sixth division, equipped by the American First Class division, and the first rapid column, fully mechanized.The unit was led by Lieutenant General Ma Liwu, nicknamed “Ma Mian”, and deputy Division commander Niu Ben, nicknamed “Niu Tou”.All the way up, cars, guns, tanks black pressure a long strip, like a snake, straight to the capital of the liberated area of Shandong Linyi.Which I know the new Fourth Army commander Mister Chen had laid the pocket array, cast the snake net, “horse” snake head just stretched to the linyi and ninety miles of Bian Zhuang, was nailed.Then Mr. Chen commanded the army to surround the vipers in all directions.The army and people in the liberated area of Shandong were ready to “slaughter horses and cows” on the “Laba” when Mr. Chen gave the order.As the saying goes: wang Ba fell into the pot of soup, death will be a blind plop.When “horse face” and “cow head” saw that they had been “dumplings” made by the New Fourth Army, although they were a little panicked, they felt confident again when they saw in their hands american-made cannons, foreign guns, tanks and thousands of cars.They thought: with this mechanization, but also afraid of taking on the New fourth Army!Even if it is impossible, on this flat land as hard as steel plate, you can just turn on the engine and go off, see if your “dirt road” legs can catch it!Think of here, unexpectedly “ha ha” laugh wildly.How can the New Fourth Army throw away this fat to the mouth?So when the enemy steps, he gets grenades;When the enemy appeared, they were machine-gunned;”Horse face”, “cow head” like trapped in sorghum in the wild silly cattle.But after all, the enemy was mechanized, and the cars, gunboats and tanks were still ramming haphazardly on the hard plain of Lunan.See such a scene, the commanders and fighters are looking forward to the general offensive command of Mr. Chen.But Old total however not in a hurry and headquarters other head in turn to understand the situation of the troops, where always that words: “comrade elder brother, urgent what son?To kill a horse and an ox, four hooves must be tied together before it can be cut smoothly.Otherwise, if you push them into the soup pot, the wild horses and stupid cows will run away.”The commanders and fighters listened to the mutter: “good old master li!Can the enemy make us take off their wheels without any fuss?Is it possible that your boss already has the magic knife for ‘killing horses’ and’ killing cows’?”Who knows Mr. Chen did not say what, ran to the battlefield to pick a big cora, and his landlord old man to study the soil.The landlord old man is a famous “sage of zhuanghu”.As soon as the headquarters arrived at his home, Mister Chen became a good target for him to chat with.On this day, the old man saw the boss holding dirt cora to look for him, smiling with joy: “Boss ah, you command the decisive battle of thousands of troops and horses, and have the idle heart to play dirt cora, is it possible that you also love to hit the farmers?”The boss said, “As soon as the war is over, I will make a report to Chairman MAO. If he allows me, I will work with you to farm the land and turn the Lunan Ping principle into a big granary.Today, I would like you to introduce the soil here first. There are also a number of farmers.Look at this corra, the plain of Lunan looks like strong clay, I wonder whether it is or not?”The old man listened, straight thumbs-up: “Old mister good vision, if farming is a good handle!Here is pure clay land, there are a few local sayings, specific to its characteristics: dry as coke and wet as a swim bladder, not wet to pull off.”Hearing this, Mr. Chen became more and more interested. He was busy scooping a ladle of cold water into the water tank, pouring it onto the cora and grabbing it with his hand. As expected, it was as glue as a lacquer and pleased him to nod repeatedly.The old man said, “If the weather wants to make a change, it will rain hard, and the hundred-mile plain will turn into a water-glue bowl, and the enemy will be like a fly in a water-glue bowl or a grasshopper in a swim bladder.At this time, as long as your old boss put the flag, our army can cut a knife to eat beef, horse meat!”Mister Chen smiled and said: “elder brother, after you say so, I have to hurry under an order, let god hurry up a heavy rain miles!”The old man said: “As the saying goes: East wind on one day, rain on three days.It is very cold now, and only when the east wind blows will it rain heavily.In the battle of Red Cliff, When Sun and Liu tried to set Fire to Cao Cao’s ships, Zhuge’s military strategist borrowed the east wind to help Zhou Lang, and set fire to Cao Cao’s 830,000 troops, throwing them away and fleeing.Mister, your magic machine is better than zhuge Liang, can borrow the east wind, rain rain, the enemy together?”Mister Chen patted his shoulder and said: “the people are better than Zhuge Liang, Zhuge Liang can borrow the east wind, why can’t we borrow!”Mister Chen and the landlord are not idle quack son.After that he really took the wind out of his sails.These days, Mr. Chen excitedly about the landlord old man ran to the village head, Mr. Chen put out the wind posture, standing on the broken walls and crennel straight looking at the northwest of the white fog wrapped in the hug du solid.The crenel had become his “windscreen”!Mister Chen squared off to borrow the wind posture, and the landlord old man staring at the gushan, observed the fog, mouth muttering: “Number nine hold the bull white yarn, three days there will be east wind.”Those guards saw, secretly straight joy: “Boss ah, really have you!If you can command thousands of armies and horses, can you really command heaven?”Strange to say, on the third night, the east wind really blew, followed by rain and snow, and the plain of Lunan suddenly turned into an endless swim bladder.Yimeng people and soldiers dance with joy.Mister Chen saw the opportunity has arrived, immediately ordered thousands of troops and horses ready to start.The army went down the hill like tigers.”Horse face”, “cow head” a look not good, hurriedly ordered to retreat.But as soon as they started, they fell into a watery mire as sticky as snail glue.Hundreds of thousands of people instantly felt like they had been fixed.At the sight of “horse face” and “cow head”, they were only scared out of their wits. They quickly telephoned the Nanjing government and begged the chairman to send someone to help them!But can Chiang Kai-shek still be more capable than Cao Cao?The result had to helplessly look at “ace” finished, looked at “horse face” as a prisoner, “bull head” was sent to his grandmother’s house on the spot.Lunan battle victory over, the guards curiously asked Mister Chen: “Mister, you really command god!”Mr. Chen laughed, patted his calf and said: “it told me.” So Mr. Chen borrowed the story of the east wind in the liberated area spread everywhere.

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